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I just want to thank everyone for all of your support last week on Penelope’s circle top outfit in Project Run & Play. I’m really happy to still be in the game for this week’s challenge: sportswear. When I think about the things I make for penelope, I’m all about making practical items that she could wear on a daily basis, so naturally, the wheels were turning on overdrive for Miss P.

The inspiration for this look was something that Penelope’s school teacher said some time ago: “Penelope is the girliest tomboy I know!”

I made her a tomboy outfit with girlie touches for impact. I used two floral prints, one large and one small. They’re not meant to match each other, but I feel like they coordinate really well.

I made a raglan top with the large floral on the sleeves and a cobalt ribbing for the neckline. I made the sleeves extra long and skinny at the wrist so bunch up nicely.

I made little chambray shorts with a floral cuff using the small floral print. I made these shorts with a flat front and an elastic, gathered waistline in the back to allow for growth. The shorts are just the right size to allow for growth over the summer months.

I top stitched all of the seams on Penelope’s shorts, which gives it a nice finishing touch and reinforces those seams against all of the abuse they’ll be enduring this year.

She really loves her new shorts. A LOT.

I had every intention to make her some sweet leather kicks for her ensemble, but the shoes ended up being more work than I could accomplish within the time frame. It has made me think that I should become BFFs with my local cobbler and learn everything I can about making cool kicks.

Instead, I made her a little leather tote bag. This will be perfect for play dates, church and errands around town. I’m considering making her a matching wallet to store her “monies”. This leather was a dream to work with. I had this cream leather on hand and I bought the blue leather for her shoes.

I’m thinking the blue leather might make for a nice tote for me instead.

I also made Penelope sweet little lace socks from a stretchy lace I found. They’re long, so they can go well peeking out of her little boots or bunched up around her ankles.

After seeing the competition in works last week, I thought this look wouldn’t be complete without a little hair accessory. I braided the jersey used in her look and added a little knot at the top for a turban-ish look.

How cute is Penelope? She’s such a wiggly girl! She sure does love her new look.

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  1. dana says:

    really, really cool. love your style and color combos. by far my favorite in the PR&P designers :)
    – Dana

  2. phil says:

    nice !! a lot of great small details .
    this bag is also a good shelter for a playful pet :-)

  3. Melissa says:

    Love the floral knit. You have such a unique style.

  4. samarahuel says:

    I love her li’l knees! Such a cutie.

  5. The whole outfit is cute, but I adore the socks!

  6. kristin says:

    CUTE. love the floral sleeves and trim on the shorts. floral is unexpected on a “boyish” raglan tee, but it turned out great! and love those socks, too – hope you do a quickie tutorial for them. :)

  7. NOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!! Wowowowowowow! And she is adorable!
    I love the color combination and the vintage florals. GOsh I love this blog so much!

    I am about to start on another furniture project that will make that yellow mid century dresser I restored look like child’s play. Haha

    I bought 8 desperate looking shell chairs for $100 total. I’m going to go for it…wish me luck!

  8. Ashley says:

    I’m so in love with those shorts!

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