Style: Grey & Black & Fringe


Tuesday was really rainy and depressing, so I wore grey clothes to match. I made my necklace back in January and wear it ALL THE TIME. Maybe one of these years, I’ll share the tutorial with you.

Also, I’ve been letting my hair airdry these days. It usually has a ridiculous mind of its own, not knowing whether to be frizzy, straight or wavy. I’m liking what it did today, though.

Outfit details:

  • necklace: handmade
  • dress: Shade
  • belt: vintage
  • shoes: Campo Grande, Brazil

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    1. Stacey says:

      Ooh I love your shoes! They’re so pretty :) xx

    2. Libby K says:

      Your hair does look so great! Kudos.

    3. samarahuel says:

      I’ve been doing the air-dried hair thing too lately, simply because my two little ones demand the time I used to spend blow-drying. Yours looks so pretty! I’m a bit jealous. :) It occurred to me last night that mine usually chills out and lets go of its last bit of frizz right about the time I’m ready to start getting ready for bed. :)

    4. maria says:

      love the outfit, love the hair and totally love the necklace: nice job you did there! x. Maria

    5. […] made this necklace back in January. It’s my go-to, match-with-everything necklace. I can just slip it right over my neck and rock and roll. I made it at 3 in the morning just before […]

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