Thrifty: Vintage Anchor Knit


I found this eeoons ago, but every time I sit down to sew something in my studio, I think of all of the sweet little baby things I could make with it.

Am I getting baby hungry for another? Ummm. . . maybe?

No, no, no. Nevermind. I just remembered how much I hated being pregnant. I enjoy breathing, seeing my toes and a waistline.

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    1. Tara says:

      He he, we’ll all be on baby watch now!

    2. Clara says:

      So I just took a peek at your maternity pics. You seriously look like you had stuffed a ball up your shirt! You must have felt worse than you looked, for sure.

    3. that is some incredible fabric!!!

    4. Sandra says:

      Lol, well, it is a good thing to be able to breathe ;) That is really pretty and I love the fabric!

    5. adorable fabric. oh, pillows, quilts and covers, here she comes… or how about a diaper bag to match that nautical outfit…. oh, the things you could do….

      have a great week

    6. Bonnie says:

      Very cute fabric! And I totally understand the baby hunger…had that and then started to think about how icky being pregnant is for me and…oops found out I’m due in December. It’s a catching thing I swear!

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