Beach Update


Two nights ago we had gale force winds and about six inches of rain. It was crazy how many times I woke up from the noises of things hitting our windows. Yesterday we avoided spending much time in the water, but we had to go to the beach to collect any cool shells that surfaced from the high and mighty waves.

We found a handful of cool shells. I’ve got a few ideas for projects, I can’t wait to share them with you.

I was so excited to see that my mom wore the shirt that I made her for her birthday and Mother’s day. And it FITS!! Perfectly!

It was one of those things that I made totally guessing at all the dimensions, and it worked out nicely. I’m also thrilled to the moon that my mom would actually wear it.

I took all of these photos using my phone. The last one with photosynth – an app developed by Microsoft – made for taking panoramic images. I loved the clouds from yesterday. They were so beautiful.

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    1. Emily says:

      The shirt looks great! The last picture is awesome! Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you soon.

    2. marissa says:

      that shirt is beautiful and it suits your mom. can’t wait to see what you do with the shells. we (okay, i) collect rocks and sea glass whenever we go to beaches, to rodney’s dismay, but all i’ve done so far is use them for fountains and vases. :)

      photosynth rocks for panoramic shots. :)

    3. mandie says:

      my hubby loves photosynth! :)

    4. Beautiful pictures, hope you’re having fun. I grew up in North Carolina and miss the beach something fierce. Oh be still my Southern heart!

    5. Tara says:

      Yes, I recognised the shirt straight away!

      Beautiful beach

    6. phil says:

      there s the eye of an artist behind this iphone …

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