Calligraphy: The Strength of Mothers


My friends’ mother/mother-in-law passed away just about two months ago, and though I didn’t know her, it really struck a chord with me. It was on that day that I met up with my sisters and my mom to go out to dinner. A rare treat, since my mom lives over 2,000 miles away.

During our visit, my mom asked us girls about her parenting; if she was good enough. Sure there were decisions she made that we didn’t understand. Sure we didn’t get along from time to time. She was there for us. For me. She’s always been a big supporter of my creative endeavors (my dad, too). And as I drove home, my friends’ loss hit me like a freight train.

I would be so lost without my mother. She is a prime example of a loving and industrious mother. Between chauffeuring me to ballet lessons, piano lessons, art lessons and school it was nothing short of astonishing how she completed her college education suma cum laude. She works so hard to support us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that my friend had an equally incredible mother.

This quote personifies the strength that my friend’s mother passed down to him, and it’s been a real honor to get a glimpse of the kind of legacy she left behind.

What quote or mantra would you say your mother lived by?

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    1. Kristin says:

      Lovely saying and calligraphy. On another note, just in case you are feeling blue about your end on project run and play, you did a fabulous job and don’t worry about not going all out with your entries! Sound design speaks for itself, no matter what the popular vote is. :)

    2. Wow! I’m so glad I came across your blog. Just wanted to say I’m intrigued and will checking back often.
      <3 Nikki
      P.S. I, as well, am obsessed with calligraphy, it's a dying art!

    3. Megan O'Dea says:

      I’ve been following your blog for awhile and am absolutely enamored with your lettering skills! I learned calligraphy in college and completely understand how difficult it is so I truly appreciate your beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

    4. kristin says:

      This is so beautiful and I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss.

    5. Melissa says:

      Beautifully said.I am so sorry for your friend’s loss.

      When my grandmother passed away, we received a card that said “Seashells remind us that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind”. My mom and grandmother are/were both beach bunnies, so this has always held a special meaning in my heart.

    6. katherine says:

      i’m so sad to hear when someone loses a parent.

      maybe i’m dense, but this phrase sounds so snarky and mean! why choose such a condescending quote?

    7. Alma says:

      Melissa, it’s perfect!! So so beautiful. I can’t wait to see it in person! You have done an amazing, amazing job.

      Katherine, it was a lesson that is very very personal to my husband, and we had a difficult time figuring out exactly how to word it, but decided that since it was just for him, we wouldn’t have to worry about making it work for everyone. When he was little, other boys at school were mean to him. His mother, who always knew his heart and how sensitive he was, comforted him by telling him that they were just blowing out his candle to try and make theirs burn brighter. So to us, this is just a reminder of that life lesson—that sometimes people are mean, but their meanness is motivated from their own insecurity. It was then and has always been a reminder that he doesn’t need to take others’ mean actions personally. Does that make a little better sense? Like I said, to him it is deeply meaningful and representative of his mother’s love, care, and advice for him when he was so young.

    8. Melanie Burk says:

      I love this. so beautiful, as always.
      my mother has always taught us to serve and to love others. the phrase “to love another person is to see the face of God” (from Victor Hugo in Les Mes) seems to personify the way she (still) lives her life.Thanks for encouraging others to think about that.

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