Mother’s Day


This mother’s day wasn’t very exciting. Chris forgot to make breakfast in bed and we were in a rush to get to church by 9am. He was definitely in the dog house (BIG TIME) until the afternoon and he made sure I got a mega nap in uninterrupted by the kids. That was nice.

I got some sweet texts from family and friends. That was great, too.

For my mom, Mother’s Day and her birthday are often times on the same day. Maybe it’s lazy of me, but I usually give her a gift and a letter for both (even when they’re not on the same day). This year I went out on a limb and made her a two-toned dolman top.

I completely guessed at the dimensions for the top. I still don’t know if it fits her right (or if she’ll want to wear it). I used leftover fabric from Penelope’s sportswear outfit. My mom lives in North Carolina where it’s infinitely more humid than Utah. The fabric used here is very light weight and breathable, so hopefully it’ll be just what the doctor ordered when it’s 80 degrees with 100% humidity. The print is a bit bold for my mom’s taste so I made a plain back out of a lightweight chambray. She can pair this top with regular jeans, her olive clam-diggers, her white pants or black slacks. It’d also look great paired with a black cardigan and jeans in the winter.

I’m working on making a few summery tops for me this week in anticipation of hotter weather. I found some gorgeous fabric I can’t wait to share with you.

What did you do for Mother’s day? Any fun projects?

Fabric supplied by Fashion Fabrics Club. Connect with FFC on Facebook and Pinterest

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    1. mandie says:

      I love that fabric SO much! And how fun that they have a matching Grammy/Pennelope outfit!?!? :) I like the solid(ish) back of the shirt, too- what fun detail.
      Here’s my mother’s day sewing:

    2. That’s so sweet of you! I love that floral fabric so much. :)

    3. Trice says:

      My mother’s birthday is tomorrow. I usually try to get a gift for one and card for the other.
      This year I got my mom a gift subscription to Sew News magazine.

    4. […] was so excited to see that my mom wore the shirt that I made her for her birthday and Mother’s day. And it FITS!! […]

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