Refashioned: High-Low Floral Skirt


Last Thursday, it was high-time I head over to the thrift store to see if there was anything inspiring there. I didn’t find what I was looking for (naturally), but I came across this lovely floral skirt.

The floral pattern and the fabric are fantastic. The length, however, is a bit on the matronly side. That or I wasn’t styling it well enough when I brought it home with me.

I’ve been thinking of trying a high-low hemline for a skirt for some time, and thought this would fit the bill for a refashion. I pulled out my rolled hem foot, some starch and made quick work of the whole thing.

In all the refashion took about an hour. I was sure to go slowly as I rolled the hem. The hem is a 2mm rolled hem, so I had to be extra careful that it wouldn’t go nuts on me. I’m getting pretty good at it, too. Since this was a curved hem, I sprayed and ironed the skirt with heavy starch before hemming. I found this video to be most helpful. I was hoping that I would find a larger rolled hem foot for my sewing machine, but alas, the 5 stores I went to didn’t have anything bigger.

I would be thrilled if any of you had suggestions for where I could find a larger rolled hem foot (5mm or 10mm) for a Babylock.

I don’t own any skirts that have a high-low hemline, but now I’m convinced I need more. I love the extra coverage in the back. I don’t have to worry about baring it all if I’m bending over to pick up Felix. The rolled hem (shoulda posted a detail shot) makes the skirt look like it was bought this way. It looks so professional, in my opinion. I love it!

Outfit Details:

  • top: Ruche
  • belt: thrifted
  • pink bracelet: H&M
  • brown bracelet: handmade
  • skirt: thrifted + refashioned
  • shoes: Payless
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    1. phil says:

      no comment …. superb !!!! :-)

    2. erin says:

      Lovely refashion. I’m looking for a long skirt to do something like this, wish me luck :)

    3. Tamara says:

      I bought a rolled hem foot on Amazon. I looked everywhere in stores here, but they have tons online. Good luck! And great skirt! I love it!

    4. Tiffany says:

      I made a drop-hemmed skirt last week! I’d been drooling over them, so I picked up some clearance blue and white fabric with a diagonal stripe. I’m itching to make more, too!

    5. Caitlin says:

      Beautiful!!!! I love it

    6. Madeline says:

      I love the fabric, and the proportion is perfect! Some high-low skirts look a little off because the front is too short or the back is too long (or both!), but you got it just right.

      i thrifted a skirt that i have been thinking about doing this too, but decided i don’t like the print enough to bother. i need to go thrifting again to find another option.

    7. Jen says:

      Lovely! The proportions are perfect, and it looks so summery!

    8. Jeannie D says:

      Excellent job, Melissa…so feminine and the drape is perfect.
      And best of all you look amazing in it!

    9. Diana Smith says:

      Oh my word, Melissa this is adorable! I love the way you hemmed it. Adds so much spice to the already cute pattern!

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