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Kate from See Kate Sew made a yellow striped jumper for me. Interestingly enough, she was in Utah last month to hand it to me in person. It was so great to meet her in person! I’ve loved this refashion swap, but the thing that would make it infinitely better is if we were able to make these clothes and swap them all in-person. Project Runway style.

Kate knew how much I love yellow, she did a fantastic job of scoring this light yellow stripe for me. It’s such a fun color!

I don’t wear jumpers, at least I haven’t in a very long time, so it’s fun to have gotten something that pushes me out of my normal comfort zone.

I used to be far more adventurous with my wardrobe than I am now. I was the first in my high school to wear stilettos. I’ll never forget sporting my camel¬†stiletto¬†booties; feeling super self conscious as I clicked and clacked my way down the hall turning heads and I’m sure getting plenty of disgusted looks. I was no popular girl. It’d be safe to say that I was more of a “popular loser”. Most people knew who I was. Probably because I always lugged around my 30 lb portfolio the size of a small bilboard like a security blanket. But I never quite felt like I fit in. My ridiculous pairings of hot-pink golashes with 3-piece suits was my way of keeping the tame people away I guess. Oh what I would give to see snapshots of those outfits I wore back then.

Kate reminded me that I need to be more adventurous with my clothing. So for the next half of the year, that’s going to be my goal.

Outfit details:


Read how to make your own jumper out of a large mens button-up shirt here.

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    1. Miranda says:

      You look so beautiful! The jumper is awesome, and your styling is great. I really love that green top with it, and I really love the pockets, too! Kate did a great job on this. And, you’ve got mad hide-the-remote skills. I need a lesson:)

    2. kate says:

      you look awesome!! I love how you crossed the straps in the back and how you styled it so colorfully!

    3. Heidi says:

      What a great goal, I should do that myself.
      I loved getting a little glimpse into your past.

    4. Linda says:

      I bet you looked awesome in high school.
      Thie jumper suits you, especially with your colorful additions.

    5. Jaime says:

      I loved your term “popular loser”, that was me to a T! I might have to steal that phrase!
      I also find it amusing how little any of that matters now, almost 18 years after graduating!

      I love the jumper, and how you styled it, so fun! My goal for this summer is to try to wear more color combinations. I might resemble rainbow bright some of the days but I will be colorful and happy!

      Cheers to you!

    6. David Preston says:

      Agree with everyone else…along with the jumper being fabulous, your style, from scarf to shoes, is wonderful!

    7. phil says:

      eclectic and delightful

    8. 1. SOOOOO making a dress like this.

      Its like you read my mind. I was thrift shopping a couple weeks ago (what else would I be doing?ha) and I found THE orange plaid jumper with daisies I had in the 7th grade. I have plenty of photos of my crazy outfits. I have been planning an evolution of personal style blog post for weeks. I just need to gather up some old photographs. I don’t want to give it all away but I will leave you with little tidbit to peak your curiousity: there may or may not have been white patent leather go-go boots. and wide leg jnco jeans with pantlegs so wide a teenage girl could fit into one pantleg…..true horrific story!

    9. PS: You can imagine how popular my fashion sense made me. Or not! haha

    10. Sarah says:

      hey, I’m up for a refashion swap. Not quite sure what it is, but it sounds fun!

    11. […] over to ISLY today to see Melissa wearing the jumper I showed you last week! She styled it so […]

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