Style: Friends and Florals


Me, Muffin, Melanie, Alma

And yes, that would be me wearing the same floral top two days in a row. And my fly at half mast. But that’s how I roll around here. I had a great time with friends this afternoon.

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    1. Tara says:

      What a happy photo! Made me smile :)

    2. CoraD says:

      Thank unicorns that someone else also flies at half-mast. For some reason, several of the zippers on a couple of my new pants and shorts fall half way down and no matter what I do, they won’t stay up. Sheesh.

    3. samarahuel says:

      But you make the shirt and half-mast fly look so good! :) This picture makes me smile.

    4. i love your floral top!

    5. Jenn says:

      Hi there! I found your blog after a link posted on Oh so beautiful paper. I’m so interested in your I still love Calligraphy workshop. Just checking my schedule and budget to see when I can fit it in this summer! But lastly I wanted to ask you where you got your glasses/ who makes them? My eyes are tired of contacts and I’m ready to switch back to the spectacles! Thanks!

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