Thrifty: Felix the Train Engineer


Sadly I didn’t get any photos of Felix wearing this outfit yesterday, but it sure is cute.

I like to call it his train engineer outfit, but I guess it’s more of a race car outfit because of the patch. I scored this lovely denim romper for $2. That’s right. A steal of a deal, in my opinion.

So tell me, have you scored any fun finds? I’d love to hear!

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    1. Tamara says:

      Such a cute romper! It’s so hard to find really cut boy’s stuff. I went thrifting last week and found a JCrew cashmere (!) cardigan for $6 and cue brown leather Bandolino heels for $2.50. Not bad!

    2. I love that! I have been collecting some cool boy things I have thrifted for if I have a son. Cool boy clothes sans turtles and dinosaurs are hard to come by so I snatch them up when I can if the price is right!If I don’t have a son someone is going to get very lucky! haha I actually found a cute little short overall outfit very similar to yours recently.

      And today I found heeled oxfords! For $3!!! I’m in LOVE! Here they are:

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