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You know it’s bad when your 4 year old asks if you’ve been crying all day. No, I just have giant bags under my eyes and no make up because I went to bed at 2am. Not the most brilliant planning on my part. Whatever, let’s keep things real.

Outfit details:

Aren’t these shoes adorable? Blowfish sent them to me last month. I packed them for our beach trip last month, they were perfect for milling around town. They’re perfectly beach-y, but still comfortable.

I’ve paired these fun kicks with unexpected prints, and with bright solids (below). I thought these would be a once-in-a-while shoe, but they’ve become more of a staple shoe for this summer.

(photo by Ashley Thalman Photography)

Congratulations to Laura T! Your shoes are on their way!

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    1. sarah r/ says:

      i’m supposed to pick just one? i love the Court shoes.

    2. Love YOUR shoes – the Ricky, floral! My summer clothing staple? Easy – shorts. Am loving my neon pink shorts lately this summer!

    3. Grace Mitton says:

      I love the Bevhils and the Court shoes. Both are so cute. And my favorite summer staple are cute tees. Thanks for the giveaway!

    4. Michelle says:

      I love the Stila flats in pink! They would go perfectly with my summer staple: fun dresses. It’s pretty hard to convince me to wear anything but dresses and skirt all summer long. I love them!

    5. Laura T says:

      The stila flats look super adorable! Plus, they would go with my summer staples of jean shorts and floaty skirts.

    6. Rajya Karipineni says:

      I am in love with those Sima’s in the Blue Belize Blanket. I adore the tribal look Blowfish has this season, and I love to use texture and bright colors to give a punch to my summer staple: solid color summer dresses.

    7. Emily says:

      It’s a toss up between the Tush and the Smara. Love the red stripes on the Smara, but that black linen is so cute on the Tush. Can’t I have both?!? Maxi skirts are my go-to this summer.

    8. Niamh says:

      I lovelovelove the Ricky shoes in white monet flower print! My summer staple is definitely a brown striped sheer flutter-sleeve Renee top I thrifted.

    9. Valerie says:

      I love the shoes you are wearing! and my favorite summer staple is my cargo capri pants

    10. Tamar says:

      I think the Saleri flats in grey distressed linen are just adorable!! My summer go-to item? Summer dresses. I’ve got a closet full of comfy, colorful knits to pull on and get out the door in a hurry.

    11. Evee M says:

      Sadiki is my favorite Blowfish shoe. Right now my summer staple is a maxi skirt—dresses up a teeshirt and hides unshaved legs :)

    12. kelli says:

      Ooh, Lasso. Cute! For summer I wear T-shirts and chinos.

    13. Katherine says:

      I love the Rulla shoes! They’re a style I could pair with shorts and flowy shirts in the summer but also with cozy sweaters and skinny trousers in the fall and winter. All my heels tend to be black, so I am really favoring the tan ones…I think they would go with everything!

    14. Jacqui says:

      I love either the Rulla or Handstand in the nude color. My summer staple would definitely have to be solid color tank tops that go with anything!

    15. Jacqui says:

      I love either the Rulla or the Handstand in the nude color. My summer staple is tank tops in all colors, they go with anything!

    16. brianne says:

      I love the Baylee wedges – perfect transition into fall. I have a pair of their boots from last winter and love them!

    17. Emilia says:

      Oh I love the shoes your are wearing. Thats just perfect!!
      Thanks for the giveaway!!
      juliafisio(at) gmail(dot)com

    18. Emilia says:

      I love those shoes that you feature. i could totally have that one.

      Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    19. Deujima Dias says:

      My friend just told me about this giveaway. By the way, love your blog :)

      Second, I would get the shoes NORDIE (I have been eyeing ) or RICKY to pair up with some cute summery dresses I bought recently :)

    20. lynaeve says:

      thanks for the great giveaway! I really need a pair of cute shoes.

    21. brunette says:

      wedges are by far my fave summer staple!
      I’m loving your Ricky wedges – they’d be my pick!

    22. Madeline says:

      I love the Samira flats. My summer staple is my favorite teal peasant top with puffy sleeves.

    23. Julie says:

      BF-043 like these they are flats
      summer accessory is capris

    24. Christine says:

      I love the Hartly shoe! Great with capris :)

    25. Katie says:

      I love the gavina!
      My favorite summer staple is a jersey knit black maxi skirt. It is cool, easy to wear and goes with everything… plus it is easy to roll and pack if I go on vacation! :)

    26. Chloe says:

      Monica and Baylee are gorgeous! So versitile. Linen skirts and lightweight, lightly colored tops!

    27. im loving the louie sandal! My fav summer staple clothing item is probably a comfortable v neck tee (any color)

    28. paisleyapron says:

      Oh, so hard to choose! I love the high wedges and would wear the Tush or Rulla all the time.

    29. Valery says:

      What a cute shop! I really love the Ricky wedges…

    30. Calli says:

      I like the hartly. My summer staple is my pink bb dakota skirt, brightens up every top!

    31. Heather C. says:

      I really like the Saleri shoes. My summer staple is just comfy t-shirts and capris.

    32. Rosemary says:

      My FAVORITE pair of Blowfish Shoes are the Horace high top shoes/booties. It is a perfect shoe to wear year round. I love to pair them with everything from shorts to a flowy dress. But, I absolutely love to pair the Horace shoe with a maxi shirt, which also happens to be my summer clothing staple. The shoe and maxi skirt combo is not a look for everyone, but I absolutely love the look!

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