The Hand-Lettering of Others


The I Still Love Calligraphy online calligraphy course has been live for almost a month! It’s going really well, and I’m so proud of what my students have been submitting.

I couldn’t have been more excited to see these beauties pop up in the private teacher/student gallery in the last couple weeks. The quote (above) by Pablo Neruda is really fantastic, and Eileen‘s lettering makes it even better. I love her use of flourishes at the beginning end end of each line. I especially like how she used a downward flourish to cross the t.

Tara of Tine and Thread made this sweet baby announcement for her nephew. I love that she’s played with the orientation of each word and used flourishes to create a compact circular shape. Very lovely indeed! You can see more of her work on her blog or on facebook.

Really, seeing the progress these (and other) students have made makes my heart jump for joy. I love calligraphy and I’m so happy to share knowledge, passion and excitement with others. To read more about my course or sign up, click here.


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    1. phil says:

      ohhhhhhhhhhh ……. beautiful !!!!

    2. agnes szucs says:

      Oh, they are really lovely, no wonder you’r proud of your students.
      A love the quote, too.


    3. Summer says:

      I am SO excited about your online calligraphy course! I just got the email about it this morning and cannot wait to get started!

      In other news, you’re not showing up on Blogger anymore? Did you move and if so, I totally missed it. Sad, because I’ve been missing your posts!

    4. Summer says:

      PS- The student examples are beautiful! :)

    5. David Preston says:

      Awesome! Love the birth announcement. So creative!!!

    6. tiffany says:

      oh those are so cool! i’ve been dying waiting till july to take the class when i have some time to practice too. ugh.

    7. marissa says:

      these are awesome! i can’t wait to sign up – seriously. i will do it soon! i dream of being able to calligraph (is that a word?!) like this.

    8. […] with some different styles. The online calligraphy course is going really well! I’ve mentioned this before, but each student is making fantastic progress that I’m so excited to […]

    9. Eileen says:

      I enjoyed the course and seeing my progress with each piece of work I uploaded to the gallery. Thanks, Melissa!

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