Calligraphy + Getting Together


It feels like an eternity ago, back when my studio wasn’t in boxes that I did this. I participated as a sponsor at the Mingle event at Soel Boutique in Provo. The theme was summer color, so everyone wore their brightest colors. I don’t think I saw a pair of regular denim jeans/shorts anywhere! It was all bright, brights. What a fun way to party, making everyone wear their happiest clothes!

I ended up lettering a bunch of name tags for friends and me. A girl can’t help herself when given bright, fresh sharpies and name tags!

My favorite part of the whole night was the Italian sodas. Merrilee whipped one up for me, it was divine. I think I might have to have a permanent Italian soda bar at my new house at some point. 

I gave away some artwork as part of the sponsorship. I figured most anyone could use a fancy welcome sign for the front door or as part of a gallery wall in an entryway hall. That was fun to do.

It’s been about two weeks since I busted out the calligraphy supplies, so I’m just itching to experiment with some different styles. The online calligraphy course is going really well! I’ve mentioned this before, but each student is making fantastic progress that I’m so excited to see!

top two photos courtesy of Ashley Thalman Photography.

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