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This post is sponsored by Find your art and love your space with’s prints and museum-grade framing. just relaunched their website (in the most amazing way) and to celebrate, they invited 25 bloggers to San Francisco to eat amazing food and talk about art. I was just thrilled beyond the moon to be included. The trip to San Francisco just so happened to fall on the weekend before we made our big move, which was perfect. I left the stress of packing house behind for my favorite city. The city that first inspired me to pursue art.

lush garden by kim parker

We were all asked to pick out a favorite art piece for our homes. While together, we each took turns talking about why we chose our art, it’s amazing how deeply personal art is, no matter the genre or history.

I find it quite ironic that the art major girl (me) chose her painting based on looks and how well it would go in her new home. I know. Upon finding out more about the artist, Kim Parker, I found out about the mission behind her work. She creates paintings that are beautiful, accessible and from the gut. I’m a big believer that art shouldn’t be aloof, or unreachable by the uneducated. I love art that draws you in with its beauty, but then keeps you interested longer by its meaning, history and symbolism.

What kind of art do you gravitate towards? If I were to put any one genre in my home exclusively, it would likely be abstract expressionism and the works of KlineRothko and Calder (who may not have been technically in the genre, but whose work is stunning).

To me, the new is a brand that helps you reach for more meaningful experiences with what you hang on the wall, not just to help you find something to match the pillows.

Check out the cool video above. We got to see and hear about the behind-the-scenes work to make this bit. It was amazing how much work went into it!

Beyond having a new fancy-pants design, now offers a much easier way to browse through their hundreds of thousands of images. Search by genre, movement, color, subjects and collections. You can make your own collections using your facebook login and arrange them on a wall or even your own if you have an image! Great things are going on over at, I suggest you check it out.

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    1. Slip says:

      Why is this happening?

    2. Melissa says: totally rebranded and shifted their focus from an archaic art print site to something more contemporary and accessible. They’ve made it easier to find art for your style and space and share that with others. Since these changes they’ve asked us bloggers to be brand ambassadors of sorts. I most certainly wouldn’t be in it if I wasn’t in love with their product and philosophy. We even got to meet the Vice President and a lot of the key players behind this restructuring, which really made a difference for me. These people are real and seeking to create something meaningful with their business. I’m a big fan.

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    4. Artchoo! says:

      This is very cool. I had no idea they re-branded. Sounds like a great move on their part to go beyond the “art print” thing onto something that sounds much more interesting and relevant.

    5. Gabrielle says:

      i’ve always loved (i have a ton of stuff from there) but their revamp is awesome!

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