Redesigned: Megan Nielsen


Megan Nielsen continues to be one of my favorite design clients. We’re so much on the same wavelength, it’s fantastic to work together.

Over the last couple months I’ve been working on her blog layout. She wanted her blog to reflect her patterns and style better, so we went to town. She also wanted a fixed nav that would always be located at the top of the screen, no matter where on the blog you’ve scrolled to. Megan Nielsen’s branding is simple, but with a few custom surprises here and there. I thought it would be a fun take on the fixed nave to have a curve in there.

It was fancy footwork on Chris’s part, getting it to look right, but he did it. The man is building serious development chops with his job. I can’t wait for him to get his hands on this blog.

I’m really happy with how it all turned out. Check out Megan Nielsen Design Diaries for the full experience.

So, as I’m looking to redesign this site, what kind of features would you like to see around here? Anything you could live without? Now that I’ve started dreaming up my design, there are a lot of things I could live without.

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    1. CoraD says:

      Hmmm…I generally read this site via GoogleReader. Your posts appear wonderfully in GR. So, I guess I’d ask you not make it so only a small portion of your posts appears in GR and then you have to click more to read the whole thing. HATE that and have unsubscribed from many a blog for that. Not that that last sentence is a threat, just showing how far I take my loathing of the abbreviated post.

      Maybe a section on thrifting? You are a magic thrifter.

      And links to blogs/sites you read?

    2. Melissa says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, Cora!

      I agree with you on the truncated posts. It’s so annoying to have to click through. I’m a lazy reader, too.

    3. Kate says:

      Beautiful work, as usual!

    4. Seriously GREAT WORK!! I love how the header stays put while you scroll through the blog. And I was wondering: what is that scrip font you used? Its just delightful! :)

    5. Amanda says:

      Beautiful job, Meliss! You are just so talented.

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