Refashioned: Hipster Herringbone Pants


I found these pants for $2. They showcase all the parts that went wrong in girl’s clothes in the late 80s, early 90s. They have velvet, maroon & forest green, overwrought embroidery and a slight flare. Disastrous, no?

I quickly saw that they were the perefct waist size for Felix, but long and wide. I just had to simply cut off the disgusting flowers and trim up the legs a bit. I used Felix’s go-to skinnies as a template and went to town on them.

I should have added rad knee patches for awesomeness and functionality, but I didn’t. Kids this age really wear their clothes hard. Especially when crawling. I really should’ve thought about that, but laziness got the better of me.

I’m working on going through Penelope’s and Felix’s closets to put away the tight clothes and replenish their wardrobes with duds ready for fall and winter weather. It’s fast approaching us in our new neighborhood. We’re expecting 6 feet by the beginning of November.

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    1. ira lee says:

      wow, those are awesome! love the black and white! you wouldnt have guessed they came from girls pants! mr. drool is getting big!!!

    2. Marlène says:

      Awesome! My 10 month old has a pretty big belly, and consequently nothing fits! He’s been living in onesies and BabyLegs, but this is such a great idea! Thanks for the constant inspiration.

    3. very nice outfit! You can always add knee pads later when the knees get worn, right?

    4. What a fantastic transformation! Those pants were pretty hideous before. And I agree with Laura, you can always reinforce the knees later. Laziness always gets the better of me, too :)

    5. I got something yesterday I had to come back and share. Yesterday I bought a BOBA baby carrier for $3 at the thrift store. A cheeseburger costs more!

      Perfect non-hideious carrier. I just googled the retail value. $120 for the style and color I bought. THREE DOLLARS! WHOA! Big time score!!! I can use this for my next baby or for my 4 year old bc its for infants and children up to 45lbs!
      YAY for treasure hunting!

    6. Melissa says:

      Those are rad carriers! Holy moley, you scored it for $3?!? Good work, Laura!

    7. Florencia says:

      I found Waldo! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      I really like your blog.

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