Style: House Dress


No make up yesterday. We ran serious errands so I just wanted to be comfortable and cool. I love this stretchy belt. It gives my dress shape, but because it’s an elastic belt, it breathes and is far more forgiving than my other belts.

dress: thrifted + refashioned

belt: thrifted

bracelet: handmade

shoes: c/o blowfish

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    1. CoraD says:

      Lovely. But I just HAVE to ask – tweed shoes in July? The look divine, but I would’ve thought too warm.

    2. Joy says:

      I love this dress so, so much!! I also have a couple elastic-waist belts and LOOOOVE them. Hope they never go “out” because they really do make some outfits, don’t they?!

    3. Emily says:

      I want that dress.

    4. kristin says:

      i love those shoes!! You look pretty darn cute.

    5. Melissa says:

      It was warm, but about 75-80 degrees all day. Not too warm for tweed around here. It’s nice to be about 10-15 degrees cooler than everyone else in Salt Lake.

    6. I just discovered your blog..the dress is too cute! I love to shop vintage but haven’t ever looked in the clothing department

    7. I just discovered your blog. The dress is too cute! I shop a lot of vintage but haven’t looked at clothes before..

    8. Lauren says:

      Love this bright and cheery outfit! Especially the shoes. My dream come true. Are they comfortable? They look like just the right height…

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