Zero Budget Project: Music Room


Over the weekend I had a bit of a breakdown. Getting the house to “home” status is taking a lot out of me. It really has only been just over 3 weeks since we moved in, but it feels so much longer than that.

I have to remind myself, if I can get a room just about done each week, the house will be in great shape in no time.

Here is our entryway/formal living room. I’m not a huge fan of the formal living room, it never gets used. So we’re making this into the informal music room. I plan on having plenty of seating for impromptu jam sessions, but I don’t feel the need for a couch or coffee table.

I would like┬áto eventually invest in a piano for me and for this space, but I know that won’t happen right away. I’m mediocre at best, but I sure do love playing. I grew up playing the piano and eventually the organ at church on Sundays. I love busting out the church hymns loud and at double speed. I would also like to eventually invest in an assortment of musical instruments like drums, tamborines, maracas, ukeleles and thumb pianos; but I see those coming in slowly with time.

I’m planning on mounting Chris’s guitars to the walls with their amps below. He talks about collecting more guitars, so I want to keep enough space on the walls for his collection to grow.

I think the biggest struggle I will have with this space is to keep everything looking clean without looking like I pushed everything up against the walls. Any suggestions?

We’ll be having guests over tonight for a small family party, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a lot of progress today. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this room just about finished by Friday. Wish me luck!!

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    1. samarahuel says:

      I love the idea of a whole room devoted to music! I would love to do the same someday.

    2. kate says:

      love the music room! such a great idea, and those white chairs are awesome! Just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog, and keep up the great work on your new home!!!

    3. Heather C. says:

      My thought on making it so it doesn’t just look like everything was pushed up against the wall is to add a couple small rugs under certain chairs. I think it would break up the line of the chairs. I can especially picture a rug under the “panton” chairs. Since they are white, the pop of them on a rug would look so cool. Love that you have panton and eames in the same room. I love midcentury modern.

    4. ira lee says:

      i like this room too. i agree with the comment above that a rug under the chairs would be awesome! but idk what you have laying around that would keep it classified as a $0 budget project! lol did you say that you painted the rooms or not? i cant remember. i really like the tiny hint of gray walls, they arent a dirty off white nor a depressing beige- its refreshing and bright!

    5. Tamara says:

      Love the music room idea, too. Craigslist seems to have pianos on a regular basis (or maybe on KSL there).

      I just got my Anthropologie catalog today and it has some calligraphy in it that looks a lot like yours. Is it yours? Because it looks really awesome:

    6. Melissa says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Heather C.! I love my Panton S chairs. They went to our dining table, but they’ve been awful on our wood floors, so to the Music room they go!

      We’ll have to see about the rugs. I’m pretty rug deficient at this point, but I’ve been looking into investing some money on pretty rugs. Maybe even making a couple for myself. We shall see.

      Ira – I didn’t paint the rooms upstairs (except for the office – but more on that later). The warm grey walls are my favorite! Just a testament to the good taste that the previous owners had.

    7. Jennifer L. says:

      A music room is such a great use of this space! Hanging instruments is the way to go! And you definitely should invest in a ukulele. I picked it up two years ago after playing the violin for many years and fell in love. They’re affordable too, and the perfect first instrument for youngsters who want to begin playing because they’re small, not extremely delicate, and the chords are easy to learn and sing along to!

    8. Melissa says:

      I think it’d be fairly easy to pick up, since it would really be much like picking a violin or viola. I played viola for a couple years, so maybe there’d be hope for me to learn.

      Thanks for your sweet comments!

    9. Joy says:

      Your Poang chair is amazing. Did you buy it like that or did you weave that yourself. I have two of them that I love but I’m growing bored with the cushions. I love yours!

    10. Melissa says:

      We bought it from Ikea like that. It was in the As-Is section before we ever saw it available in the catalog. You can see it here:

    11. Joy says:

      Thank you for the info! I have never noticed them before. Thank you!

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