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First off, I’m totally giddy about tomorrow. I have a babysitter lined up to come 3 days a week for the next two weeks! I’ve been going crazy trying to get the house in order, keep up on crafty projects and pay attention to Penelope and Felix. They’re needing more attention than ever, too.

Second, we bought a little toy that’s been a joy to use. We’ve been so tired of over-sugared soda and flat club soda, we decided to buy a soda siphon for making our own club soda. It’s always fizzy, never dull and we can add anything our little hearts desire! Yesterday I experimented with peach and mint. Mmm! So good.

So far we love our siphon. We just mix whatever into our fizzy water and enjoy. It’s been particularly wonderful with the little heat wave we’ve had. It gets to about 85 degrees up here in the mountains, so it’s not bad, but it’s definitely hot enough for a refreshing drink. See the recipe below for yesterday’s tasty cocktail.

Mint Peach Italian Lemonade

  • 1 peach
  • a few sprigs mint
  • simple syrup
  • lemon juice

combine peach, a handful of mint leaves 1-2 tablespoons simple syrup and 2-3 teaspoons lemon juice in a blender. Let sit andĀ macerateĀ for about 15-20 minutes. Pour a few tablespoons mixture over crushed ice. Add club soda and cream. All measurements are approximate. I usually add a little here and a little there until I get it to my desired taste. MMM!

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    1. Mary says:

      Oh yes, I bought a Soda Stream last year, which is the same idea, and it’s my all time favorite purchase. I’m a huge seltzer drinker. Just plain seltzer is the best thing in the world, but it’s also great to add a bit of juice for some light flavor.

    2. Celeste says:

      I love mixing drinks so much! This is brilliant. Do you make your own simple syrup? I have a recipe somewhere, but it’s basically sugar and water boiled for a minute or two until the sugar dissolves. Such a good option to buying it.

    3. Melissa says:

      I do! It’s just 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water in a sauce pan on high until incorporated. Super easy. It’s nice to make a large batch and just keep it in the fridge for future use.

    4. Melissa says:

      I hadn’t heard of the soda stream before, it’s super rad! Just checked it out.

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