Handmade Style: Floral Maxi Skirt


Yesterday as I was planning out an awesome fancy pleated skirt, I realized that the expensive yardage that I bought at Britex was not enough. I should’ve bought two yards of the stuff, but oh well. I made a maxi skirt. It’s super boring, but with the rad floral print, you don’t really even notice. And I don’t even care. I’ll be pairing this floral with summer, fall and spring items for sure. I love the print!!

I sewed it similarly to my single seam pencil skirt, but I added a waistband and tailored the seam to fall at the side instead of back. I made a slit with a curved hem on either side, which allows for more leg room for running around. If I were doing it again, I would sew the slit much higher. Like another 10-12 inches.

I love it, but between the cost of the fabric and my time, this skirt would be something like $100 in a store. Not sure I would pay $100 for a simple maxi.

Outfit details:

Talk about a serious mix of high and low here. 

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    1. Gorgeous. Even for a simple skirt it’s pretty sweet.

    2. David Preston says:

      What a fab look, The skirt is amazing. Love the colors/pattern!

    3. tiffany says:

      that turned out way cute! love that fabric!

    4. marissa says:

      love! i wish i could wear stuff like this – you are “too” adorable. :)

    5. Slip says:

      Just as I was picturing being at a store where they sell $100 skirts, I saw where you got the first two items on your list. Awesome!

    6. Sandy says:

      Just because the style is simple doesn’t mean it is less nice than something more complicated to make. I don’t think people really care about that. They will just see a slinky well fitting skirt and admire your skirt and your figure! To me, this skirt looks better than the other one you didn’t make sounds.

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