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More often than not, I have dreamy clients. It never gets old, though, when something just clicks. Working for Linnea was totally that!

She was working with a graphic designer and web developer for her branding, but wanted a hand-lettered touch for her logo. She approached me and we got right to work. One of the best things she did was curate a pinterest board of mood images that helped me get a clear picture of what she wanted. It wasn’t all graphic design and branding, but mostly just inspirational images that mimicked the feel she wanted when people clicked over to her site.

I’ve never really thought about it before, but it really helped that it wasn’t all graphic design inspiration. There’s such great design out there, it’s hard not to ‘pin’ it all when looking for new branding. She kept it curated and tight with some design inspiration to draw from. I LOVED that.

Linnea emailed me a couple days ago letting me know her site is now live. It’s beautiful. I had nothing to do with the design or layout of the blog, just the lettering of the logo. Cathy of Love Inspired did all the design and development, and she’s good.

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    1. alicia says:

      You did a beautiful job. Linnea is a friend of mine and as soon as she mentioned that you were doing the logo I was excited for her!

    2. Linnea says:

      Hi Melissa (and Alicia!!) :o) I love the logo you created!!! It was so fun and easy working with you and I can’t wait to meet you in person at ALT!

    3. marissa says:

      so beautiful!

    4. Kristin says:

      The best design advice i ever got was to go outside and be inspired by nature. The more you take from other people’s designs, the more copycat your stuff looks and it looses its originality. I love, love, love your simple logo design. Its so simple and a perfect reflection of her photography asthetic. Great job, once again!

    5. Stevie says:

      Beautiful work, Melissa! I just had a client who created a board when we were starting her logo, and I loved the inspiration (and foresight)!

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