Re-Do: Magic Braided Bracelet Video


I thought I would supplement my magic braided bracelet tutorial with a plain video (previously it was a 10 minute segment I did on local TV).


Magic Braided Bracelet Video

This week has been a doozy. I’ve not gotten nearly enough sleep over the last week, so I’m beat. The music room is pretty much done, save styling and photos. I have a few tutorials that I’m working on and I’m working up the energy to use the fabric I bought at Britex and Yellow Bird Fabric. I need more clothes, but I’m being really good about not buying any clothes. I need more pants that actually fit me, but I don’t plan on making pants for myself any time soon. Anyone up for a clothing swap? I’m dead serious. I’ve got a bag of shoes and clothes that I don’t/can’t wear anymore.

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    1. Carla says:

      Melissa, have you tried Freecycle? I love it, even though I mostly have offers, as I try to de-clutter, but for a few items I needed, like an iron, a coffee maker, things like that, I received them quickly. I offer a lot of clothes and shoes, that are really in great shape, and they are snapped up quickly – so you might want to try that. I see a lot of maternity type clothes being offered and taken, too! Good luck!

    2. kristin says:

      So fun to hear you talk! The tutorial makes a lot more sense in my head now, too. These darn Olympics are messing with my sleep, too! I can never get enough swimming/diving/gymnastics…

    3. David Preston says:

      So cool and easy, love it! Thanks for this!!

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