Refashioned: Double Felled Trousers


I love these pants. My father-in-law got them for me not long after I had Penelope. They’re high-ish waisted, so they’re perfect for flattering a mom body. I wore them quite a bit, until they shrunk.

My sister borrowed them while I was expecting Felix, and I think (not sure) that she may have put them in the dryer at some point, because they came back about an inch shorter. When it comes to a wide leg trouser, that makes a huge difference. I could no longer wear them with heels, and wearing them with flats made me feel like my legs looked stubby.

They were in desperate need of a makeover. They are nice jeans. Hello, Anthro. The problem with them is the fact that they’re double felled on the side seams. DOUBLE FELLED. there was no way I was going to unpick crazy felled seams to take them in.

So I made darts. I lined up the seams and laid out my favorite pair of jeans on top and marked out my darts. The refashion ended up taking 2 hours instead of 6. I’d say that was a win. They’re at about a cigarette width at this point, but I may have hemmed them too short for that, so I think I’m going to go back and make them more of a skinny jean.

Yay for a new pair of pants! I’ve been whining to Chris about how I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit. Now it’s three.

I think if I actually¬†exercised¬†I could fit into my old jeans again, but I’m just too darn lazy for that.

Outfit Details:

  • top: handmade
  • pants: Anthropologie
  • shoes: c/o Blowfish

UPDATE: I couldn’t stand the cigarette pant with that length for long. I just skinnified them. AHHH, much better!

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    1. Heidi says:

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with 2 pairs of jeans. Okay, so now you have 3. ;)

      I don’t know if I asked you before, but how the heck are you able to get so many refashions done with 2 little kiddos? Do you just work for a bit here and there or do you have a scheduled time when someone else is watching them? I’m always so amazed with how much you seem to get accomplished.

    2. Melissa says:

      I do a little bit of both. I work when Felix is napping and P is doing “quiet time” and I also like to have babysitters come in for chunks of time so I can get stuff done. I got a babysitter this week and it’s been heaven! I love having a little bit of me time during the week.

    3. Lisa says:

      What?? Your FIL buys you clothes and pants to boot! You must have a very hip father in law. I would be afraid of what mine would come back with, probably something from Fleet Farm :)

    4. Tara says:

      great re-work, they look like they would go with a lot of tops.
      and love the shoes!

    5. LOVE this outfit! Good job! Again!!!

    6. LOVE this outfit! Great job! Again!

      And what pattern did you use for the top?!

    7. dana says:

      cute! love your top too

    8. Alyssa says:

      For this refashion, I am assuming you made darts in the front and the back, but I can’t tell for sure??

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