Refashioned: Halter Dress to Skirt


Way back when, I participated in a fashion swap and scored this awesome plaid halter wrap dress. I don’t wear halters by themselves, so I didn’t seem to wear it often or even more than the one time here.

The bust was too big and the skirt seemed to be a reverse high-low (high in back, low in front – which totally drives me crazy). I’m so picky with how clothes fit! After sitting in my closet for over a year, it was time to get refashioned. Since reworking this skirt late last week, I’ve worn it several times!

Here’s what I did:

  • I chopped off the halter part as evenly as possible
  • hemmed the top with biased tape
  • rounded the ends of each side of the wrap so the skirt goes a bit higher in front than in the back.

The refashion was super speedy with the biased tape and my rolled hem foot. I believe I got it done in under 30 minutes, which is incredibly fast! Chris couldn’t even tell where I reworked the skirt, so that was also a major bonus.

The plaid has tons of fun colors in it, so it works perfectly with my summer and fall pieces. Here are the outfit’s details:

  • top: Target + refashioned
  • skirt: swapped + refashioned
  • shoes: thrifted

I’ve been itching for a clothing swap lately! Have you done one before?

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    1. Emily says:

      Nice refashion!! :) I like the bias tape and a rolled hem foot is on my wish list!

    2. Madeline says:

      You did such a great job! The fit of the skirt is perfect and I just love the colors.

    3. Cristan says:

      Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and it’s really inspiring! I’m usually afraid to sew/alter clothes, but I’m going to give it a shot soon. I do a lot of curtain/pillow/quilt type sewing, but I was wondering if you have/use a serger?

    4. Lindsay says:

      I ended up cutting the top off a halter dress to make it into a skirt, but it looks terrible now. I don’t know why I didn’t think of using bias tape! Brilliant!

    5. Jacinta says:

      Looks so much better as a skirt! The colours will work well in every season. Awesome shoes btw.

    6. Heidi says:

      I think this busy fabric looks so much more flattering a skirt, good call!

      I’ve never done a clothing swap but I really want to. Too bad all of my friends are different sizes and I’m just about the only one with any interest in refashioning.

    7. kristin says:

      SUCH a cute skirt. You totally inspired me to take a men’s shirt and turn it into a skirt last night! I’ll post about it…eventually. :)

    8. meredith says:

      Love it, it’s way more functional! And I’m dying for another swap too, let’s do it! Haha :)

    9. Melissa says:

      I wish I had a serger! I don’t think they’re a must-have item for sewers, but they do make life and finishes so much easier!

    10. Jan says:

      I would totally love to get in on a clothes swap! I wear typically am a size 4 but I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and wear a 6 or a small 8 at the mo. If you get anything going, I want to come! :)

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