Style: Silver And Blue


No make up and crazy hair today. I’m going to a clothing swap tonight so I’ll probably get make up on before I go. Maybe. I’m itching to layer with sweaters soon, but I have to remind myself to enjoy these warm days of late summer/early fall. We’re in for a long winter, up here in the mountains.

  • necklaces: Forever 21, twig creative (I think)
  • top: thrifted
  • belt: hand-me-down from grandma
  • pants: Ross
  • shoes: c/o Blowfish

I sorta want to foil the tips of these shoes in silver. Not sure how well they would wear, but the idea sounds nice.

My grandma has killer taste. She turned 88 on Sunday, but she still acts like a 70 year old.

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    1. Carla says:

      Love it, you’re lucky not only to still have your Granny, but she’s stylin’, too? High five! Don’t know how to put a musical note symbol in here, but pretend it is here. And thanks to The Beach Boys, too. A lyric which seems appropriate: “Go, Granny, Go, Granny, Go, Granny, Go…!!”

    2. Stacey says:

      Woah I love your shoes, they’re beautiful :) (you don’t look like you need to put any make up on :) ) xx

    3. Michelle says:

      hey there! just catching myself up on your blog. i don’t know if i can see well enough but i don’t think that you’re wearing one of our necklaces. love the mention though ;o) it kind of looks like one by stacey foster of native?

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