Zero Budget Project: Burnout


I was up way too late last week trying to finish the first of three bathrooms in our house, I’ve just been so burned out since. I haven’t done a single thing to the house since last Saturday morning.¬†Putting a house together takes a lot of work, creativity and patience; especially when working with DIY projects and a small budget.

I feel like our bedroom is the next space to get the overhaul, but there are quite a few big DIY projects that need to be tackled. I don’t see how it could be done in one week, unless there was nothing else to juggle.

I think first on the docket is to address my dresser. We sanded it down over a year ago, but I’ve had the hardest time figuring out the right color to stain it. Do I go traditional and use a dark walnut like we have throughout the house? Or do I go more contemporary and stain it a color? I’m leaning towards a color, but I’m not sure if I should use my fall-back, yellow. I’m thinking maybe an indigo or purple? Or maybe a light sage? I dunno. I also need to organize my jewelry above my dresser. I think that’ll be pretty easy, just a matter of motivation.

The thing is with these DIY projects is that they require nice weather. Fall has really hit full force around our neighborhood. I’m currently in long sleeves!!

Let’s hope I can get something done during the long weekend.

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    1. Kristin says:

      Dude, we have lived in our house for 2.5 years and I have yet to tackle the master and my craft room.

      Paint it indigo! I love vibrant colors on dressers.

    2. Tamara says:

      I always love the paint sales during holiday weekends like this. They have the best deals on Memorial Day and Labor Day at home improvement stores. Best of luck! Yellow would seem the most versatile to me for your dresser. If you wanted later on, you could use it in any other room of your house. Just my two cents.

    3. amy h says:

      I’ve been digging charcoal-gray stained wood. It’s hard when you start off with a wood as yellow as this though — you have to work against the warm tones. I was testing this out on some yellow plywood, and it seemed like it almost needed some blue in it or something to counter the yellow… This dresser has great lines to work with though!

    4. Gretchen says:

      Isn’t it crazy how everyone thinks “Oh a 3 day weekend! Suddenly I can accomplish so much more with an extra day!” and then we usually end up not accomplishing much more than usual. At least I know that I’m getting some good relaxing time in! Hope you get to do some of the same!

    5. Celeste says:

      I love light wood stains, especially when mixed with dark woods.

      That said, an indigo would be soo pretty in your house with all the warm brights.

      Best of luck!

    6. ahhhh the dresser. What if you stained it white -not painted…but more like a white wash that would make it
      white-ish while keeping the pretty woodgrain visible. The walnut stain in always a good classic option though. Color is a big commitment. Remember I painted my daughter’s yellow last year. :)

    7. Melissa says:

      Oooh I like the idea of indigo or purple for your dresser! FUN! Good luck; hope you have fun with it! I also need to organize my jewelry on my dresser! I don’t have the excuse of moving, it’s just out of control. Good luck!

    8. Melissa says:

      Oooh the idea of indigo or purple sounds perfect! FUN! Hope you have success this weekend. Good luck!

    9. Megan says:

      I’ve been wanting to stain a wood frame that I have a teal color. I hope you do a post on this soon! I think colored stains will open up a whole new world of options I haven’t considered. Love your blog!

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