Before & After: My Old Chairs


Do you remember this chair? I bought a pair of them off my friend for $10. I always had the ambition to reupholster them, but while we were at our last house, that ambition died and I sold them to my cousin’s wife.

I was happy to sell them to her, because I knew they would make their way to a good home. She’s an interior designer, and works on some really amazing projects, so I knew she would see their true potential.

And she did. She had them restained with a walnut finish (love the walnut color so much better) and reupholstered with a cool dot print. Check out Christa’s blog to see how they look in their new home. (seriously, I was drooling).

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    1. David Preston says:

      I love it. Wish I had the time/patience/talent to do that :)

    2. phil says:

      ohhhhh beautiful chairs in a beautiful room

    3. marissa says:

      that is amazing. i myself am drooling! :)

    4. Emily says:

      Ooh nice! Love the room too. :)

    5. Mahesh says:

      haha…interesting: I can’t imagine how much creativity does that need..

    6. Tara says:

      looks great, love the fabric. I never would have thought to use a print like that. Would it be rude to ask what fabric it is :)

    7. kristin says:

      Wow! That looks fantastic!

    8. Savannah says:

      Hi Melissa! CUTE BLOG! This chair is ADORABLE! I’ve almost bought like 50 different chairs over the years to reupholster but then don’t because I would have NO idea how to do it! If you ever end up doing some I’d love to watch! :) It was good meeting you at the Scheels event!

    9. Christa Pirl says:

      I am so glad you like the end result, Melissa! Thanks for sharing the pics and letting me find a good home for your cool chairs!

    10. That’s amazing! I have the same intention with a chair at my parents’ and need to actually do it!

    11. Generous soul! Love the re-vamped chairs though. The fabric and cushion…styling it!

    12. Carolyn Scott says:

      These chair are really beautiful. Can you tell me the name of the fabric? I have a similar chair and I’d love to do something similar with this fabric.

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