DIY: No-Sew Door Muffler


Thanks for all of your encouragement last week. It was great to hear that I’m not the only one who gets ornery when I don’t get enough done in a day. One reader suggested that I make a door muff after hearing about Penelope’s bad habit of slamming doors. I though it was a pretty brilliant idea. And it works flawlessly. Penelope can try to slam the door all she wants, she’s not going to wake sleeping baby Felix.

I’m sharing the full how-to (along with a printable template) over at Make and Takes. I’m an official monthly contributor over there now, and I’m excited to share my first post!


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    1. Emily says:

      That is awesome! :) Congrats on the feature. :)

    2. marissa says:

      oh my, i love this! it’s just what the doctor ordered. our kids (well, two who shall remain nameless) don’t so much slam the doors as they love to lock them and then leave the room. let’s not even mention the fact that we are so inane that we haven’t replaced our doorknobs with ones we actually keys for. :)

    3. Madeline says:

      That’s awesome about make & takes! And this is such a smart solution. Loving that neon elastic!

    4. barny says:

      awesome idea! want to do this on my bf’s door but he says it needs to slam for fire risk! i’m hoping door with still shut but abit gentler!

      slamming frazzles my nerves too, especially when i just need to pop to the kitchen *slam* and back *slam* and opps i forgot something *slam*


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