Lettered: Nothing to Say + Others


I’m going through sort of a creative slump. I have no motivation to do much of anything. Does that happen to you when the seasons change?

My Calligraphy students are doing some really awesome things. I’m oh so proud!

Even more is going on behind the scenes in the galleries of the online class, I’ll have to share some of my favorites sometime. If you’ve been a student of mine, use hash tag #istilllovecalligraphy on your instagram photos of your lettering projects. I’m working on a dedicated page for your instagram photos of your projects, but for now, they’re just below.

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    1. Carla Pennington says:

      Yes, yes and yes. I’m putting off tasks, the un-fun kind right now, in fact. Hoping motivation will somehow find me, maybe?? As for having nothing to say, I think my husband secretly prays for that to happen to me, just once, just one time! :-) He probably asks Santa for that, but all he’ll get is coal in his stocking!

    2. Kristin says:

      Gah! The money fairy needs to pay me a visit so I can take your class. Ive been playing a bit on my own and realizing that copperplate is the only calligraphy style I like. And no one I know knows how to do it!

    3. shevy says:

      i feel like i’m going thru a creative slump now also, but i hadn’t attributed it to the changing seasons… i just need to find a way out of it now!

    4. Valery says:

      Oh my, what beautiful work! Must save the money and treat myself to your class :)

    5. Brenda bird says:

      Absolutely loved the class! Melissa was a wonderful teacher!

    6. kristin says:

      I’ve been feeling the same way. It always happens when Fall is around the corner. I want to be baking and watching Murder She Wrote.

      Love your Calligraphy! I want to take your class BAD! It will be soon. :)

    7. Tara says:

      i think it’s normal for inspiration to ebb and flow, after a little rest it will come back.

    8. mika says:

      oooh! i see some of my pictures up there! thank you for sharing this class with us, melissa! i really enjoyed taking the class and look forward to practicing (and posting) a lot more calligraphy!!

    9. Summer says:

      So inspiring to see how well your students are doing!

      I ordered my supplies yesterday and cannot wait to enroll and start the class! Hopefully I’ll be a star student soon! :)

    10. Carla says:

      Ha! My Google alert just sent me notification that Carla Pennington had posted here! I’m a different Carla Pennington, but my friends would all believe I wrote that comment above for sure!

    11. Gabrielle says:


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