Sewing: High Low Floral Skirt


I’ve had a pattern drafted for this skirt for some time. It’s sort of modeled after a thrifted skirt I scored and refashioned a while back. I like sewing things that don’t require buttons or zippers, so when I took a look at the construction of that skirt, I thought it’d be perfect for duplicating.

I’ve had this floral print rayon in my stash for some time. I bought it at Yellow Bird Fabrics in Salt Lake (they have the best fashion fabric I’ve seen in Utah). I think it was something in the range of $8 a yard. The fabric is light-weight and very drapey with a bounce like a linen. It was incredibly easy to work with and the print is perfect for fall, winter or spring! 

I used quite a bit of yardage in the back for a flowy look while walking, and this fabric flows so beautifully. Chris says it’s a great twirly skirt. Maybe that’s because I came running into the bedroom at midnight screaming at him to look at my skirt while I spun around the room a million times. I like to do that when I finish a project.

Can you see the pleats in the front? They’re a nice, albeit subtle detail to the front.

I really like my new skirt. I’m thinking I’ll be digitizing the pattern, it would work well for sizes small through large, because of the free elastic waist in the back. I’ll let you know if I get around to it. Oh, and this skirt took me just over 2 hours to make. And that’s with some really fancy rolled hem finishings. I’d say that was a win.

Outfit Details:

  • earrings: thrifted
  • top: J. Crew, swapped
  • bracelet: c/o U Blume
  • skirt: handmade
  • shoes: c/o Blowfish*

*I really don’t wear these shoes every day. Just almost everyday.

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    1. Taylor says:

      Aaaaaaaaand I will be impatiently waiting by my computer for this pattern! I definitely need to make one!

      I love the outfit you built around it too! So cute melissa!

    2. kristin says:

      SO cute. love how easy-to-wear and comfy it looks, as well as being super stylish.

    3. Emily says:

      What a beautiful skirt! Love the fabric! Good job with the fancy hem!

    4. Melissa says:

      Fun! I love low-high fashion. Just bought a dress! Wish I had a sewing machine! Well done!

    5. Adorable as always!
      I do that too run into the room and start waving whatever I made around yelling LOOK LOOK! haha
      Now that school has started I have more time on my hands…I’ve started refashioning things again. I have a mountainous pile of items waiting to fulfill their destiny. Last weekend I made cute cuffed high waisted shorts out of some old long baggy wool shorts I got out of the $1 bin at Goodwill. I’ve got to blog about it soon. When I do I will have to send you a link because I’m proud of them. haha They will be perfect for wearing with tights during the cooler months.

    6. Jacinta says:

      Ok LOVE IT! I just bought a skirt that had the elastic at the back (but with a side zip too) and it’s so lovely and comfy. The high-low is just right on your skirt. A pattern would be fab… especially as it’s spring here and skirt weather is coming!! :)

    7. Jamie Bee says:

      Super cute! Good job! Love the print.

    8. Roobeedoo says:

      Ooh ooh ooh! I want one of those! Lovely! :)

    9. Emily K. says:

      Awww.. it is so lovely!! Can’t wait to see the pattern!!! :) thanks!

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