Yard Work and Gardening


I like to project in my studio on the weekends, but that didn’t happen. Chris and I spent practically the entire day prepping the house for the winter. Chris conditioned the fence with linseed oil (the smell reminded me of my painting studio in college). I spent the day attacking the weeds and pruning.

It was so good to spend the day outside alongside Chris. I had one of those out-of-body experiences where I sat back and thought to myself, “Really? How did I arrive at this perfection?” ¬†The weeds are nowhere close to being conquered, but seeing the progress is so satisfying.

My parents bought a fixer-upper when I was 5. The best way to describe the state of the house as we moved in: it was the dumpiest house in a sweet neighborhood. The previous tennants had 4 large dogs that weren’t house trained and they left about 2 cars worth of car parts in the backyard. It was that¬†house. Mom and dad set us to work. Every free day (weekends and holidays) always started with a pile of yard work. I hated it. HATED IT.

Now I’m beginning to appreciate the work my mom made us do. And I’m starting to enjoy it a little bit. I still hate dealing with the morning glory. I need to find a pretty ground cover that chokes out the noxious weed. We still have a couple of blooms left in our garden, they’re so pretty.

I can’t take any credit for the beauty of the garden this year. It’s all Nikki’s doing. I feel lucky she left us with such a gorgeous starting point.

Before we even thought about buying a house, I asked my mom to help me with a garden. While she was visiting from Charlotte, she and my dad helped me set things up. We weren’t sure if we’d be moving, so she bought me a few felt grow pots. I’ve loved them and the veggies have, too. They did remarkably well in the move!

We’ve had fresh tomatoes, peppers, basil, mint and a couple of armenian cucumbers this summer! It’s been heavenly to have fresh produce. Next year I think I’ll do 3-4 tomato plants and a few more cucumber plants. I can’t get enough of those armenian cucumbers. They’re my favorite.

These peppers were supposed to be sweet yellow peppers, but they’re a pretty purple instead. I’m not sure if they were somehow mixed up with something else, but I’ve enjoyed eating them.

Did you do a garden this year? What are your favorite items to grow?

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    1. This is such a sweet post, I love it! What a cool story. We are renting and have an herb garden. We hope to have massive gardens when we own a home! :) xo

    2. Emily says:

      Nice work!! Those peppers look really awesome. :) We had a garden this year but the sprinklers were shut off for a week while we were out of town (by our neighbors- they’re all connected) and we haven’t done much since then. We do have a ton of flowers and a few tomatoes and cucumbers.

    3. Tan says:

      There’s something so special and satisfying about maintaining a garden isn’t there? We sadly were so busy with our wedding that our garden got a bit neglected (we managed to get several berries and cabbage though!) but I have high hopes for a winter harvest! We’re getting it ready now and it’s just so fun. (I too have several more weeds to tackle however)

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