Zero Budget Project: Garage


Saturday I went gangbusters on the garage. Until now, we’ve only been able to park one car in the garage, which won’t work once the snow comes. And it’s on its way! My best guess, we’ll see the first bit of snow in about 4 weeks.

In our neighborhood, it’s against city law to park on the street overnight from October through April because of the narrow streets and snow plows. So we need all the indoor and level (we have a STEEP driveway) parking space we can find!

Et Voila! Chris didn’t think it could be done, but I did it! I was tempted to drive down the mountain to Ikea for some organizing boxes, but it turns out we had all the boxes we need. They just aren’t as cute or matchy as something I would’ve found from Ikea.

Fitting two cars in the garage is dreamy. We have easy access to paint, power tools and tools so projecting can happen and disappear quickly with enough space for our cars to park alongside each other comfortably. This was the clean canvas I needed to finish my dresser. And Panels. And night stands.

P.S. Notice the black safe thing on the right, up against the wall? His name is “The Dick”. It’s a safe from 1906. It was in my dad’s childhood home when they moved in (he lived in a 100 year old craftsman in the avenues in Salt Lake). He had plans to convert it to a working gun safe, but that never happened. I inherited it when my folks moved to Charlotte. Some day I’d like to restore it and repaint it. Chris hates┬áit.

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    1. marissa says:

      that is so awesome (i am jealous)! our garage is insane and we’ve been living in our “new” house for over a year and a half. i don’t know how you do it!

      p.s. i especially love the bike hooks.

    2. Celeste says:

      I bet that thing is a monster to move! haha I would hate it too, moving as often as you do. What will you keep in it once you restore it?

    3. Savannah says:

      NICE JOB! I LOVE reorganizing things. Yes, the snow will hit so soon! We should get together with you guys sometime. We are ALWAYS up at Suncrest with his parents :) Okay, and can I just say? I LOVE “THE DICK”! Okay that sounds way bad. But really, that thing is awesome and even more awesome that your husband hates it. I have lots of random pieces that my husband hates too. Mostly to move, ha.

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