Handmade: Fluffy Skirt


I made this skirt a few weeks ago, and haven’t really taken the chance to share it with you. It’s a simple gathered lace skirt with an elastic waistband. I dyed the lace a bright red, gathered about 3x the width and sewed it right up. Simple.

I put in a little under-skirt so that you can’t see her underwear peek out. This skirt didn’t require any hemming on my part, which is a major bonus.

Penelope usually wears this skirt beneath her belly button, but for the sake of the photos she let me tuck in her shirt and hike it up. Gosh, those are the things my mother nagged me about growing up. I’m totally becoming my mom.

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    1. it is adorable! did you start with an adult skirt?

    2. Daniele says:

      Love the color! What a perfect girly-girl skirt! My daughter insists on her skirts not “touching” her belly…makes for some interesting outfits!

    3. Lindsay says:

      Ha ha, I was the exact same way, and still am. I refuse to wear anything that can’t sit at my hips, and I think it still bothers my mom. :)

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