Humbug Halloween


I love the holidays, but I don’t want to do a thing for them. I’ve got my BOO sign out front and some random gourds; and that’s all I want to do.

I’m having a hard time mustering the motivation to do anything festive or productive today. I had planned to make us all Adventure Time characters for Halloween, but I think only Penelope will be dressed up at this point. And it’s just because I just so happen to have a black cape so she can go as Marcelene. Maybe we’ll pull this off, but I highly doubt it at this point. Maybe I’ll get really ambitious and hang up my skeleton painting.

So who else is doing the bare minimum while gawking at brilliant, easy and ambitious Halloween projects on the interwebs? Just me?

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    1. marissa says:

      i totally get that first sentence. i often wish i was samantha from “bewitched” so that i could do a quick nose wiggle and get everything the way it is inside my head. :)

      i LOVE the adventure time theme. our kids love that show. our cats are, in fact, named mordecai and rigby. hahahaha!

      hope you have a rockin’ halloween. i can’t wait to see photos!

    2. Bethany says:

      If we’re being honest here…
      I’m poor. And I’m busy. I have no time or money for cutesy decorations or DIY projects. And if I did have the time and money I wouldn’t be spending it on something I can only use one month out of the year.
      The extent of my festiveness are two tea towels hanging on my oven that were a gift from my grandmother. Thanks grandma. Now I don’t look like a TOTAL scrooge.
      And finally I find a halloween blog post I can actually relate to! haha

    3. crystal says:

      i’m right there with you. my kindergartner was so disappointed with our Halloween decorations that he drew a vampire and taped it on the front door so that we could have a spooky house like the neighbors.

    4. marissa says:

      oh goodness, i’m so unhip. i just realized i confused adventure time with the regular show. duh.

    5. steph nelsen says:

      boo sign, random gords,mums, and a few garlands over here! i call it minimalistic chic…but that really translates to not so motivated, but still festive enough for the kiddo. ha!

    6. Lindsay says:

      I have the opposite problem. I have a lot of Halloween decorations and love decorating, but I can’t ever get anyone over for a party to actually see it. :)

    7. Lindsay says:

      I have the opposite problem. I love decorating, especially for Halloween, but I can’t get anyone to come over for a party to see it. :)

    8. Anna says:

      I was just saying to a friend the other day that people in the US seem to have a lot of seasonal decorating to this time of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving then Christmas all in a row.

      Here in Australia we don’t really do much for Halloween (although thanks to the sheer enthusiasm of the companies trying to make it a ‘thing’ here and sell all the junk associated with it, more people do stuff for it than ever before). I have certainly never seen someone decorate the front of their house for it. We don’t have Thanksgiving as a holiday. So that just leaves us with Christmas decorating to focus on!

    9. ira lee says:

      i have not put up any halloween decor and im quite irritated at myself. this summer has consisted of one mission trip to haiti, planning and creating for my 90% diy wedding, said wedding, blending my kids with my new hubbys kids, blendind families which has resulted in fighting and hurt feelings from my side of the family, moving 3 bedrooms, and 2 weeks ago our shop caught on fire. this is on top of me and my hubby both have jobs outside of the home. i have even less energy than normal. laundry, shoes, bedrooms and all their contents and wedding stuff is everywhere. next to no groceries in the house. and one very tired momma!!!!! so i dont think you are alone with no halloween decor. i want to cook every meal at home, have organized spaces, homework done early, and time to sit and play, read, and create with my kids. but i cannot do it all and neither can you! being a momma is hard. its even harder when you have no organization (as is my case!!!!!).

    10. ira lee says:

      i have not one single decoration up- and im not happy about it. since the august my life has been complete chaos and has included the following: one mission trip to haiti, planning and crafting for my 90% diy wedding, having said wedding in my own backyard, honeymoon to port aransas, tx, blending my kids with my husbands two kids, my parents and my only brother havent been supportive of my wedding and there has been lots of fighting, snobby attitudes, and my feelings being hurt (which is stressful enough), my kids adjusting to have a new step dad, trying to make it to all the home football games to support my daughters bf who is on the team, we are broke from the wedding and honeymoon, we are moving 3 bedrooms around, there is crap from all bedrooms everywhere, laundry shoes and wedding stuff is everywhere, i cant keep groceries in the house, im cleaning out closets while we move so there are 4 trash bags of clothes ready to be donated, and 2 weeks ago our shop burned to the ground, and we both work full time out of the house. whew—i literally just realized how much has been going on. we were going to get stuff from the attic on sat- the shop burnt on friday. our ladder was in the shop so our decorations are stranded in the attic. im pretty sure you are not the only mom that doesnt have halloween decoations up. its really hard to be a momma because you are expected to do everything!!!! but we really can’t. i want to cook every meal, have organized closets, full pantry, homeowrk done, so that we can go on walks, read, play, create everyday. but those are not real expectations and i have to constantly remind myself of that.

    11. Heather Anthony says:

      I have a few pumpkins sitting outside with some black branches in a vessel. And that’s it for me! The pumpkins are, of course, uncarved so I can use them as Thanksgiving decorations. Hopefully they’ll last.

      I don’t have any kids and my husband and I only dress up if we’re going to a party. No parties this year, but if something does come up, I have oversized buttons ready for Coraline button eyes. We just have to wear 60s inspired clothing and we’re Other-Father and Other-Mother.

      I do love being festive for Thanksgiving and Christmas, though. They’re my favorite holidays.

    12. Jeannie D says:

      I bought candy and I’m eating it. We only get about 4 or 5 kids in our neighborhood as everyone has grown up! Still, I get to eat all the mini-snickers myself!

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