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The pants Carrie made for me arrived on Saturday. I have to admit, the elastic cuffed pants sorta scared me a bit, but I’m always willing to give something new a try.

The fit around my waist is perfect. even through the thighs. I think I might take them in a bit around the knees and ankles for more of a skinny effect, but they’re just fine as-is. Carrie did a fantastic job thinking outside the box for me. Make yourself a pair using Carrie’s refashion tutorial. Thanks for making me something awesome, Carrie!!

As it turns out, the skirt I made for jen has not arrived yet! I can’t wait to see how they fit on her, though. Below are all the ladies participating, see how their refashions fit:

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    1. Miranda says:

      Oh, I actually love these as is! They are a little of a harem vibe, and I think you can totally do it. And the fit of the top IS perfect! I want some, too!

    2. You probably could pull off like any kind of pants…
      ps—That shirt is pretty awesome.

    3. You probably could pull off wearing any style of pants….
      ps—I know it’s not part of the refashion but that shirt is pretty awesome…

    4. Miriam says:

      love the styling. You can rock anything, I think these look awesome–that fit on top is just hot, and I think the whole look is great.

    5. Tara says:

      they look great, and I love how you have styled them.

    6. Oh I love this! I rock the cuffs look all the time – you look amazing :)

    7. Kage says:

      The elastic scared me too! I like how you styled them though! Great job both of you!

    8. bmerry says:

      I promise elastic cuffs are a good thing.

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