Style: Tribal + Floral


It’s been a while since I’ve done a style post. I miss these because they motivate me to get dressed in the morning, even when I have no place to go.

I’ve been digging mixing tribal with florral. Besides the fact they’re both all the rage these days, I love the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine so to speak.

This outfit isn’t outright tribal, but the western themes and the statement necklace make my mind go there.

Outfit details:

  • earrings: thrifted
  • necklace: handmade
  • cardigan: thrifted
  • top: thrifted (last weekend!)
  • belt: thrifted (last weekend!)
  • skirt: handmade at Sewing Summit
  • shoes: thrifted

(I’m pretty sure this outfit falls in the under $20 category.)

Can we make this combo a meme together? Hashtag your tribal and floral outfits on instagram using #tribalandfloral. I will be.

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    1. I love this entire combination. There are way too many days lately that I don’t get ready, but now I’m feeling motivated ;)

    2. phil says:

      i m curious about the fabric you used for your skirt . looks comfy

    3. sharee says:

      where did you get your glasses? love them.

    4. Barnicles says:

      Gorgeous! lovely full length shots, i always struggle with them!

      Also loved the photos of you and your kids in the newer blog you posted :)


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