Taking it Easy


Yesterday I took it easy. We hung out together, ran errands and cuddled. These kids are my world and sometimes I forget that.

I made this little maxi skirt at Sewing Summit, and it thrills me to bits that Penelope loves to wear it. She’s really coming into her own with her style and personality. She’s a sweet little spitfire.

This expression on Felix’s face cracks me up. He turned 20 months two days ago, My baby Felix is no longer a baby! I’m anxious to see him start walking and talking, but I’m making a point to enjoy where we are. I know the moment he starts walking, he’ll be all over the place.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken pictures with the kids, so we took 20 minutes and partied in the studio. Felix and Penelope loved taking turns with the remote.

Felix was quite the wiggle worm. He wouldn’t sit still for me at all.

We got stickers in the mail yesterday. P stuck them all over her face. Then she stuck them all over my face.

I love being their mom.

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    1. mandie says:

      Goodness, the color of her hair is magical. :)

    2. Heidi says:

      Adorable pictures! I need more picture with my kids. {ahem, Jeff!}

      I love the maxi skirt. There is something about adult clothes (modest that is) on little kids that is so cute.

    3. What a great post. I totally agree that sometimes we forget where our priorities are. Those pictures are so precious.


    4. tara says:

      Good for you and the kids to take some time off now and then. helps to recharge. love the pic of you and penelope looking down at felix, you look so alike!

    5. christine says:

      your kids take the best pics!

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