Food: Airy and Rich Chocolate Frosting

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I’m over at the Rhodes Bread Blog sharing the worlds best chocolate butter with step-by-step photos. It’s so easy though, you’ll be wondering why I took all those step-by-step pictures.

Click here for the full recipe

Felix was so funny while I shot these pictures. He was like a lion stalking his prey. He crawled up to the tray so slowly and carefully, never taking his eyes off mine. I think he was pretty shocked I let him take this bite.

While making the frosting, Penelope got to lick a beater and Felix got the shaft. I knew he would make a huge mess, but I really should have stripped him down and let him go to town on the extra beater. Poor kid was so disappointed. I made it up to him after with a few heaping spoonfuls of the stuff. He definitely knows how to get his way.

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    1. Rach says:

      Chocolate butter? I love your thinking! I totally would have lied down in the floor and cried if you didn’t let me have the beater either.

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