Happy Halloween


Halloween was much more fun this year than last because we didn’t have to commute elsewhere for the trick-or-treat festivities. Penelope’s also at an awesome age where everything is awesome and Felix feeds into her excitement with the shrillest of screams.

We live in a very trick-or-treat friendly neighborhood and the weather was dreamy; which helped lift my sour mood. Chris offered stayed home with Felix and passed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. And we ran out of candy! That’s never happened to us before!

I didn’t do anything for the kids’ costumes this year.

Felix was a race car driver (Ricky Bobby?) – I had almost forgotten about this jumper that I scored about 7 months ago. It was perfect for the occasion.

Penelope was Marcelene (or a rockin’ vampire queen). I made her cape ages ago, put her in hip clothes, bought her teeth, made her carry her battle axe and gave her some scary make up (not pictured). I drew some seriously fierce eyebrows on her before we left the house.

Penelope was so cute trick-or-treating! We went to a house that had full-sized candy bars with licorice ropes and giant pixie sticks. Of course Penelope chose the pixie stick. Then she insisted on making me carry the bucket while she went door to door telling all the neighbors about her “UGE” (she doesn’t pronounce the h, it’s cute) pixie stick!

The best part was when we got home and she tried to eat it. She dumped a bunch of pixie stick sugar in her mouth and started screaming for water. She was not a fan.

Another personal side-note: I took Felix to an audiologist earlier today. Since he’s 20 months and still not walking or talking, I’ve been concerned that there may be something up with his ears affecting his hearing and balance. Well, we found out his ears are perfect. I’m thrilled, but still curious why he’s taking his time with these major milestones. It’s just a reminder that I need to be patient and enjoy this phase with him (and keep up the PT).

We had a great time this year. We went to a couple parties, had fun with our no-stress costumes and I even decorated a pumpkin! I hope your holiday was safe and fun!

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    1. Lindsay says:

      Sorry to hear about your little boy not hitting milestones yet! I do have a nephew that’s about to turn 2, and he still doesn’t talk and up until a couple months ago did not walk very well at all. Maybe that is some comfort? I hope he’s able to hit the milestones soon! And they both look very cute in their Halloween outfits.

    2. So glad you guys had a super fun halloween:) I smiled when I read the line about Felix’s screeches- must be absolute joy to see those two little ones interacting:)

    3. Paige says:

      Your children are adorable and you are a wonderful, caring, intentional mother.

    4. christine says:

      I’m the second child and my parents said they were concerned because I didn’t really walk or talk at the same age my sister did, but when I started talking it was in full sentences and basically ran every where once I got going. So I’m sure he’s just taking it all in!

    5. So cute, the pair of them! Try not to worry too much, my nephews (all four of them!) all took their sweet time walking and talking. I gather its normal for boys to take longer than girls, to begin with, and some babies are just chill. Console yourself with this: I’ve heard that the really chill ones make up for it x40 once they get going ;) so once he figures it out you might want to batten down the hatches!

    6. While my daughter walked very early (9 months) she didn’t say more than mama and dada by 18 months. Many people told me not to worry, but I was still concerned. One friend told me how her son didn’t start talking until he was almost three, but you know what? At 5 he was still hard to understand. By chance I me two speech therapists on consecutive days. And after talking with them, I contacted a therapy group, got my daughter evaluated and even though she was young they thought she probably had Apraxia. Which is a disconnected between the brain and the mouth (put simply). She had a year and couple months of speech therapy (for the first 3-4 it was twice a week) and she is right where she should be if not better. (I should mention she is my youngest of two so she has a big sister (who is very well spoken) as a model.). If you are at all concerned I encourage you to have your son evaluated. There isn’t anything wrong with addressing a problem early. The worst that can happen is your son becomes verbal.

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