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 I was asked to contribute to a series about empowering children to design or make something creative. It was a good challenge because Penelope doesn’t get to be part of my creative process very often.

“Mommy! I told you, you can only take ONE picture!” She got so mad at me for snapping about 10 photos in this little mini photoshoot. She cracks me up. My sister cut bangs on Penelope last weekend, and I love them. It’s been a little strange for me to get used to the look – for some reason she looks so much older!! Where did my little girl go?

Now that she is growing up and getting at an age where she takes direction well, we decided to collaborate on a fun (and easy) project together. Head over to Me Sew Crazy for details of her patch pocket and a printable template so you can make your own!

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    1. Danelle says:

      Penelope’s bangs look great! And that’s coming for me, who hates bangs and was always annoyed at mum for making me have bangs when I was little cause I had a cow lick which ruined them. They look so cute on her! And yes, I think she looks more grown up too. Cute!

    2. Thanks again so much for being a part of the Series Melissa, and for sharing such a fabulous project with Penelope! I love that pocket :)

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    4. samarahuel says:

      That’s the first thing I thought, too: “She looks so grown up!” Adorable.

    5. janine says:

      Check out this great site for kids..
      It is a DIY craft community for kids by kids where they can post their creations and be inspired by others.

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