Zero Budget Project: Organizing Jewelry


I’ve had my jewelry in piles for months. Last Saturday, I finally took the time to sort out the giant ball of necklaces (Chris and I call it a necklace king), pair up all of my earrings and get everything out of reach of Penelope and Felix.

It’s a shame I didn’t do this earlier, this little corner of our bedroom looks so lovely now. It just so happens to be the first corner I see when I wake up in the morning, so it’s nice to have that decorated and organized.

I used stuff I had around the house, save for the hooks I bought to hang all of my jewelry. Not bad, right? Check out all the handy DIY details and photos at Make and Takes.

Now on to hanging artwork and twinkle lights!

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    2. Heidi says:

      I am loving these zero budget projects! Also, where did you get that yellow necklace? I’ve been looking all over for something just like it!

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