Lettered: Clever Betty Logo


Logos are something that I always love to do. I’m not doing any more until February, and I really miss that actually.

Here’s a completed logo I did back in October. Lauren from Clever Betty was really fun to work with.

Here are some prelim sketch ideas we ran through. I tell all my calligraphy students my least favorite letters to write are C and D, but this was a really fun name to letter. B, r and y were my favorite parts.

Also, a little heads up, I’m offering a live workshop this month at my home in Draper. It’s in the evening on December 17th, and space is limited. To find out more and sign up, click here.



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    1. Lindsay says:

      I love this logo! I’ve been thinking about “calligraphying” my blog up, and your blog is such an inspiration.

    2. Kristie says:

      Love the look of this logo. It is so cute. Thanks for sharing your talent.

    3. i am obsessed with your typography. (is that another name for caligraphy)? i am bummed! i am going to be in draper for christmas with my inlaws, but i won’t be there in time for your workshop. i totally wish i could come! you said you’re doing new logos starting in february. i would be super interested. would you mind letting me know how much you charge? thanks girl!

    4. Jennifer says:

      Did you teach yourself adobe illustrator/vector illustration? I assume that’s what you use to go from sketch to logo, right?
      It’s so tricky for me to vectorize my calligraphy. Do you have any tips and tricks?
      I probably just need more patience and practice!

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