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Confidence in my sewing abilities waxes and wanes on a regular basis. Recently it’s been waning (as evidenced by the lack of refashions around here). I know I’ll get back into it, I just have to be patient and slowly build my confidence.

Saturday night I was having a hard time going to sleep, my mind racing with projects for the next month. I guess I needed something to unwind. So I made myself a single-seam tube skirt. Since I’ve already made one before, I had this one finished in under 20 minutes (hems included). And I wore it to church the next day.

There’s something about brainlessly and successfully completing a piece that you can actually wear that I crave all the time. But I don’t think I need a million of these in my closet. Only like 4 or 5. I found this fabric at on super clearance. It’s sort of an off-putting color scheme, but I still like it. The texture is great as is the stretch, lending itself perfectly to a tube skirt. I made Penelope a little top out of this fabric last spring (when my sewing confidence was much higher).

I wonder if I’m the only one whose confidence waxes and wanes in one’s own ability to sew (or DIY) a project. Does yours? I’m happy I finished this simple piece successfully. I’m hoping it’ll give me the confidence I need to attack all the projects I’m brewing for┬áChristmas┬ábreak.

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    1. Joy says:

      This is so cute! And for once, I’m pretty sure I can do it! I recently bought a tube skirt at Old Navy, then ordered another because I liked it so much, but between the time I ordered and received it, the first one — which I’d worn once!! — started falling apart. UGH! I might not be the best seamstress, but I’m pretty sure I could make this skirt and it wouldn’t fall apart in one wearing. :-)
      You look adorable!

    2. Maya says:

      I know mine does! I look at tutorials or clothes all the time and think “I can totally do that!” And then I sit down to do it…and so much goes wrong, leaving me unhappy and my sewing-ego a bit bruised. Haha…so I know where you’re coming from!

    3. Kristin says:

      Mine used to, but nowadays, its more my interest levels. Right now, at 7 months pregnant, I dont have much focus. Its sad, really, how long its taking me to sew a simple jumper for my daughter! Just keep doing little projects and you’ll be just fine. Love the skirt!

    4. kristin says:

      oh yeah, definitely. it’s funny to read yours does though – you’re a “self-sewing” inspiration to me! i tend to have high confidence in sewing kid clothes, lower in quilts, and much lower in clothes for me. i don’t have very many adult-sewing success under my belt, though. just keep after it, it’ll come back! :)

    5. Emily says:

      love the outfit!! yes, my sewing successes totally vary- i made some placemats last night that aren’t as awesome as i’d hoped.

    6. Kate says:

      I think you have such wonderful sewing and refashioning skills!!!

    7. Lindsay says:

      My sewing confidence has always waned (since I started sewing at age 9). Although I can make a mean pillowcase. :)

    8. Juliette says:

      My own sewing confidence is at an all time low.
      I see it like this, you get tired of sewing, you forget all the little things and voila !
      You loose faith in your sewing superpowers….

    9. Becky says:

      Love the outfit. I have a feeling I’m going to be out-dressed at alt with all of you lovely style bloggers :) I found your blog from the altsummmit meeting! Hope to meet you there!

    10. Jen says:

      I love that fabric! I have made myself a few of these types of skirts recently too! I agree, they are the perfect quick sewing “fix”!

    11. barny says:

      yes i feel ya! also look back and see stuff i’ve painted/created and am shocked that i made it! we all have the ability :)

      i too am frightened of starting,.


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