Zero Budget Project: Upholstered Stools


I’ve had these stools stacked up just taking up precious floor real estate for three months. If I want to do anything, I have to move these out of the way. So in my attempt to really clean out my studio, I knew I needed to actually finish this project.

I messed up a few times, but overall it didn’t take too terribly long to upholster these stools.  And figuring out the dimensions for the fabric was really quite easy. Particularly since I did the pleating on the top.

I haven’t quite decided where I’m going to put these newly awesome stools. I think they’ll tend to float, because they’re perfect for additional seating for parties, etc. They would look nice in our bay window in our Master Bedroom. I’ve got to get about 16 paintings out of the way before they can hang out there, though.

This project cost me less than $1 to make (hence the Zero Budget categorization). The fabric was $2 for 3+ yards and I used less than 1 yard to make this. Chris’s brother was about to donate a perfectly good memory foam mattress topper, so I used the foam from that. Since it is memory foam, these cushions feel quite nice. I’m really happy about the transformation, but I’m not sure how Chris feels about it. He mentioned that the floral was a bit girly. Maybe so. But I think they’re pretty rad. Read more for instructions on how to make your own.

I just slapped together these graphics. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll need a sewing machine, possibly a drill and a staple gun to accomplish this. If you’re a DIYer and you don’t have these tools. GET THEM. You’ll use them for everything. I have the Baby Lock Elizabeth, Easyshot staple gun and the Rigid 12v cordless drill. Feel free to ask questions about this project in the comments below. I’ll be sure to respond inline for everyone to see.

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    1. Tristan B. says:

      I can’t believe this doesn’t have 300 comments, so clever! I have those same stools and I am thinking of using a drop cloth I have as the fabric. The pleating looks a little tricky, I wasn’t quite sure how you did that but even if I just did your tufting trick these would look awesome. Thank you! I love your illustrations by the way;)

    2. Lindsay says:

      These are amazing! I love that you made them out of memory foam, too. Brilliant.

    3. Rach says:

      Melissa – these are amazing! I’ve asked for a staple gun and jigsaw for Christmas. Not very romantic I know. Have wanted to make pleated cushions for ages so will try this technique and let you know how I go.

    4. Luzia Raposo says:

      maravilhosa essa sua idéia de fazer esse banco almofadado, obrigada por ensinar, meu nome é Lu Raposo, moro em Brasília, capital do Brasil

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