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This week has been a bust. I really hate the flu season. We went to the doc office on Monday and she confirmed that Chris had the flu and I had strep. I’m glad that I could at least take drugs to make my ailment go away. Chris has had to muscle through it, and it hasn’t been pretty. I did manage to hang a few pieces, mostly blank frames and unpainted canvases, but it’s a start. I figure I should at least find a place for that unfinished artwork now.


This particular wall has had me stumped. This frame fits the wall perfectly, but I don’t want to collage artwork inside it like I’ve done in the past. I’m thinking of doing vinyl lettering (calligraphy, of course!) with a neat phrase. Neat phrases are my weak point. I can letter things beautifully, but figuring out what to letter is really the hard part. That’s why my work is usually so simple (this year’s Valentine is the perfect example of that).

I’ve been seeing a lot of the same phrases crop up a lot. Seems like hand-lettering and framing phrases is really hot right now, I’ve seen a lot of the following:

All you need is LOVE is all you need

I love you to the moon and back

Keep calm and _____

Do what you LOVE what you do

Home is wherever I’m with you


Have you noticed? I like the idea of going with one of these, but one-upping. Chris and I do this thing, where we one-up each other on how much we love each other. I’ll usually win by saying, “I love you the most times infinity^infinity. So there!”

So what do you think? Should I letter, “I love you to Mars and back. So there.”? I want to do a play on a popular phrase, one upp-ing it perhaps, but I’m not sure if what I have above is good or not. What do you think? I’ll send the completed wall decal to one lucky person who helps me out. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


And big news, we cut Penelope’s hair. You can see in the front she had already started cutting her hair, my sister just finished the job for her. We talked to her through the whole process, she was excited about it until Emily actually cut it off. Then she cried, “Emi, put it back on!! I don’t like it!!!” She really likes it now, though. Poor girl has never really had a hair cut until now, I think she may have felt a little traumatized. She looks so grown up now. I’m still in shock.

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    1. Jennifer says:

      First of all, I love the haircut. I like “All you need is LOVE is all you need”. Another fav is “you have my whole heart for my whole life”. Here is an example-
      Good luck with your project!

    2. Kristin says:

      I love to tell my family, “i love you forever and back.” I think it would be hilarious to add “top that!” to the end. I like forever and back better than to the moon, because I want them to know that my love is never ending. :)

    3. I actually really LOVE your idea of “love you to mars and back. so there” (I do the same thing to my husband, great minds think alike!) You could make it even MORE dramatic by using Pluto too! Definitely let us know what you pick :)

    4. Kim says:

      The last line really sticks with me:
      “To show him stars is to help him dream again.”

    5. liz says:

      A quote I have been holding onto recently is “Love what you love without hesitation.”

    6. Allison says:

      One I’m planning on making for my wall is another Beatles quote: “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

    7. Heidi says:

      Love that you guys one up each other. We occasionally say “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” o course, I know people are sensitive to the f word but I think it’s kind of a silly thing to’s from a song way back when.
      Is there an option to leave comments on your mobile site?

    8. kristin says:

      I got princess bride quotes. Either “As you wish!” or “Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…” :)

    9. Lindsay says:

      I think phrases like “I love you a million red M&Ms” are cute — though I don’t know how well they translate to prints. But you could one up that with another type of candy, maybe? Or going a step further with the galaxy theme?

    10. Stacey says:

      I am a cat person, and my favourite thing of the moment is ‘I would spend all nine lives with you’, I think it’s a very sweet sentiment. I also like ‘I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m going. Are you coming with me?’ because that’s letting someone in on your journey and making it yours together, which is what I think about marriage really. I know you have a lot of ideas already but here are some of my favourites in a handy collection (good ol’ pinterest) excited to see what you decide on :) xx

    11. Lauren says:

      I’m a big fan of “I love you a bushel and a peck.” I tried to come up with something to add as a one up, like another dry goods measurement… but nothing is as striking as bushel and peck (quart.. pint.. eh) to add to it that I can find. Maybe something that rhymes with peck? “Plus a kiss on the neck” is all I could come up with :)

    12. Julia says:

      It fits you, Meliss! I just love it. And I found the circle and square art you gave me for my wedding and I decided I’m hanging it in my room this week. I love it. I love you!

    13. helyanti says:

      The new haircut is neat and it suits her :)

    14. Kate H says:

      Aww I love all of these suggestions! I’m a bit partial to “Let’s go adventuring.” What about “I love your stinky guts and back.” Since I know you love stinky guts… :-) Good luck!

    15. erica says:

      I have difficulty finding the best thing to say too, so I love the idea of one upping popular phrases. When ever I say ‘I love you’, my feller says ‘love you more’, which kind of drives me nuts, but makes me feel warm at the same time! looking forward to seeing what you settle on. LOVE your blog btw. x

    16. Sophia says:

      What about “I love you to infinity and beyond”?

    17. Marissa says:

      I know I’m a little late, but one thing I always tell my boys is: I love you always and all ways.

      can’t wait to see what you finish with! also, i love pen’s new ‘do!

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