Designed: I Make Beautiful Things


My friend Annie told me that Michael’s is the place to go for hot pink tees, so I bought one as soon as I could. I thing it’s men’s sizing, but since it’s made out of a thinner, drapier knit, the oversized fit looks good.


I wore it a few times plain before I set it aside in my studio for a little overhaul. As I was prepping for Alt Summit, the idea of this shirt came to mind, and it just seemed to fit perfectly. I had originally painted the saying: “I’m gonna make beautiful things” but I wanted to be a little more tongue-in-cheek rather than aspirational, so I vectorized it and took out “‘m gonna”. I certainly didn’t want to come across as conceited when wearing this tee, and I really hope I didn’t.


I just wanted to show potential partners and sponsors that I have a sense of humor and that I really do try to make pretty things.

I vectorized this quote and cut it out using my Silhouette and some iron-on heat transfer.


I wear this top all the time. Like every day, if it’s not dirty. I also made the leggings out of some thrifted knit I scored for $3. Now I have two pairs of floral pants! My dreams have come true!

Outfit details:

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    1. What a great top and I’m loving the knit leggings, too!

    2. David Preston says:

      Yes you do!!! Love the shoes!

    3. Angel Y. says:

      This is an awesome top! You did such a great job. I’ve been looking for something oversized and thin knit for a iron-on project I’m doing so I will check out Michael’s. Thank you for sharing!

    4. CoraD says:

      You most certainly do – from clothes, to calligraphy, to paintings to children. Well done. And pink advertising t-shirts – you do those well too. Plus, partners and advertisers want to work with people with confidence and skills, which wearing your shirt demonstrates.

    5. Clara says:

      Its been fun to see some of your calligraphy on Design Mom lately! I love the outfit.

    6. Emily says:

      Loved seeing this outfit on you! The lettering looks perfect.

    7. Eleni says:

      Sorry, but what is the shilouette. And could you make a tutorial to show how exactly you did it? I mean to write the letters on the t-shirt. I ‘ve read many times this phrase but it still seems a bit complicated to me.Thanks

    8. Heidi says:

      Love the floral leggings!
      Also, that shirt is funny. Maybe not so much to a stranger but, hey, they don’t know you anyways. (And I act like I do, eep.)

    9. Lindsay says:

      I love the top and the floral leggings! I’ve been craving a Silhouette for a while but just can’t justify the splurge. Maybe soon. :)

    10. Tristan B. says:

      You DO make beautiful things! And you look beautiful in your shirt + leggings. So creative +inspiring!

    11. marissa says:

      Love the shirt! Most beautifulest things you made by far are P & F. :)

    12. Tamara says:

      LOVE this shirt, too. I saw it on Instagram when you first made it and asked if you were taking orders :) but didn’t want to bug you during your Alt stuff. I would love to have a shirt like this! Let me know! Thanks!

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