Refashioned: Bright Green Outerwear

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I’ve had this jacket for ages. It’s part of a skirt suit hand-me-down from my mom. Totally 80s, right? It’s amazing, but it was (until now) much too big. Well, sort of. I’m about the same size my mom was when I was her age, minus the chest and hips. And considering that the style of jacket in the 80s was boxy around the shoulders and roomy around the arms, this did not flatter my frame as much as it did my mom’s. I remember seeing my mom wear this on Sundays and thinking, I have the prettiest mom in the chapel. Every child is biased, but I was still right.


I actually used to wear this jacket out in high school and college on a semi-regular basis and always on St. Patty’s day. Little known fact – I really wish I had had a fashion blog through my college days, particularly my freshman year. My goal was to never go a day wearing just a tee-shirt and jeans. And I never did. I often work skirts and suits to school and work, and rarely did I ever not wear heels. I was always dressed to the nines with layers and accessories. Often times I wish I could remember all those crazy outfits. So despite me wearing this on a regular basis, I have no photos of me wearing this before my alteration. And I have no idea what happened to the before pictures that I took, either. It’s a real shame.


Taking in this jacket was about as complicated as taking in this rain coat. When I took in that coat, I just removed the lining and never reattached. This time I wanted to keep the lining intact and proper. I separated the lining where it counted, turned it inside out (it looked like an undescipherable mess) and zipped up the sides. It was easy enough, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t take in any at the armpit because it would either look wonky or I would have to completely deconstruct the coat to take anything in at that point. So I tapered off at the pits. It’s a good thing, too, because it seems to fit perfectly that way anyway.


You can see my small frame much better with this jacket now than before. Oh did I mention I took out the 3 inch thick shoulder pads? Those pads were beastly! Thank you, 80s.


It’s a little more kelly green than the pantone of the year, but I’d say it still counts as being on trend for 2013. I’m very happy with my “new” jacket. I’ll be getting even more use out of it now.

Have you ever altered anything with a lining? What kinds of tips can you offer if you have?

Outfit details:

  • scarf: Soel Boutique
  • earrings: H&M
  • top: Kohl’s
  • jacket: hand-me-down
  • jeans: PacSun, refashioned
  • shoes: thrifted
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  1. kelsey bang says:

    super cute! i have always wanted to try to take a coat or jacket in but I am a little scared to do it! maybe I will give it a shot now :)

  2. Brenda Rhodes says:

    I still love green and navy together! You did a great job on the jacket. No tips on altering with a lining. It’s a pain no matter how you stitch it!, I love your blog!!

  3. Kristin H says:

    Adorable! I used to wear this rust orange 70s jacket of my Mom’s in high school (think srgt pepper mixed with the Wicked Witch of the West’s henchmen) . The lining had totally shredded out long before, but instead of replacing it, I just wore an old flannel shirt of my Dad’s. Classy. The best thing for tailoring jackets is to do the lining first and save the trimmings, to use as a guide when altering the jacket. Great job!

  4. amy h says:

    It looks great — I love that color! I have never altered something lined, but I do have a jacket (peacoat) that needs a new lining. It has been hanging unworn for a couple years because I can’t get my head around it. I always look at tutorials and get overwhelmed. (probably need to find a good tailor!)

  5. You did an awesome job on this jacket! Isn’t it funny how your mom’s jacket is now trendy again all these years later. I have been wanting to take in some of my blazers but I can’t figure out how to take in the seam when it runs down my back. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I love the kelly green and how you paired it with skinnies! I would wear this every chance I got. :)

  7. I love it! Isn’t refitted hand me down clothing the best? I have a black trench coat from my grandmother who passed when I was still a baby so I love wearing her coat because it connects me to her. I haven’t worn it in ages though since I need to get it taken in again.

    Oh and ps, well done on dressing up to go to college! My university (being on the west coast) was all sweats and yoga pants. I never dressed that casually, but I rarely wore heels for fear of being an outcase ;)

    Woo, long comment. Okay done.

  8. samarahuel says:

    Yay! The blog is looking right for me! And boy, does it look good! Are the ads/links on the side supposed to scroll with the post? To me it feels natural to scroll down reading a post, and then my eye might wander to the side to see what other goodies might lie there, not necessarily scroll back up. Just a thought. :) Oh, and cute outfit!

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