Sewing: Leggings for Penelope


It was another bust of a weekend. It’s like we’re never going to get out of this flu season alive. I’m sure we will, I’m just having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Felix is now sick, which put a stop to all of his birthday festivities that I had planned. I’m hoping we can celebrate at some point this week. At least Felix is at an age where he has no idea when his birthday is – let alone the day of the week – so he’s not disappointed one bit.


I found this sweet fabric at Fashion Fabrics Club and got so excited to make a little dress for Penelope. I thought it would’ve been a regular tshirt knit (like it was described), but I should have taken better notice of the fiber content. It’s not really suitable for blouses, it’s more suitable for activewear. It’s like a swim suit fabric. Disappointing, yes. But, the fabric also reminded me of my favorite dance pants in high school, so I made lemonade and whipped up leggings for Penelope. They’re shiny, so it kinda goes with the whole liquid legs fad. Right? I don’t care. They’re super cute.


I told Penelope to show her dad her new leggings and she said, “Mommy, no – these are not pants, they’re leggings. I need to go put my pants on.”

Well, now I see where she stands on the whole are leggings pants thing. She’s still wearing them, though.


Not really wanting to participate for the photo shoot, I bribed her with her phone. I’m such a good mom, letting her watch her phone all day.


I used a pair of old leggings for the fit of these, but I had to alter the pants a lot afterwards. I’m going to start from scratch for her next pair. For how to make baby leggings (9-12 mo pattern included) click here. For mama leggings, click here.

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    1. Lindsay says:

      These are so cute! I love Penelope’s haircut, too. :)

    2. Jedi Mama says:

      Well, I just found your blog, quite by accident, because I clicked on a sign on Pinterest that says, “I Love Your Stinky Guts.” And that NEEDS to be in my boys’ bathroom! Also, your blog is AMAZING! And, although we don’t have any little girls at our house to sew leggings for, this post was very cute, and your little girl is flat-out ADORABLE! So I’m glad that I accidentally popped in here, because now I’m in love with the sign that says, “I love you to Mars and back, so there!” Your sense of humor is exactly like mine! Keep up the good work here, and I may become a stalker (although I promise that I’m a harmless stalker, because ain’t nobody got time to be a dedicated, dangerous stalker!). Plus, I think being a blog stalker is a little better than being a crazy cat lady with 19 kitties and an out-of-control litter box! Have a fantastic Monday.

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