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Ponoko is your personal factory, an online laser cutting and 3D printing service. Upload your design file to make your own jewelry, home accessories, and more. Check out Ponoko on facebook.


Last year I put in about 30+ man hours into my business card. Between all the laser cutting and assembling, it was a TON of work. This year, I wanted to go simpler, but still fun and impactful. Out of pure chance and some diligent searching for DIY laser cutting I found Ponoko. And I’ve been so excited to work with them. My head was (and still is) spinning with ideas.


Since it came down to trying to keep things simple, I landed on this key chain idea. I used cell phone straps instead of split rings (I knew the split rings would make me want to cry, trying to assemble those). I also didn’t remove the protective backing (not pictured) because doing 200 of those would have also made me cry. These cards took about 11 man hours to assemble. So much better.


I had some issues with the actual card, the first stamp I ordered was not very legible. It sort of sent me into a panic, but the stamp guys I send my stuff to were more than accommodating. Phew!! Most of the cards were on the white stock, since the ink on black stock wasn’t as readable. I really wish there was a white/silver stamp ink that was more brilliant. If you know of any brands, let me know. The American Crafts stamp pad is the best of the ones I’ve tried, but I’ve had that pad for a couple years now, and it’s not as brilliant as it once was. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, either.


I used Strathmore art board for my stock, it’s super thick. The black is really lovely and much easier to cut than the white. I actually just took the art boards to Alphagraphics and they cut the paper for me. It saved me a ton of time and the potential flesh wound. I sort of regret not going with the I Still Love You motto, but I really love these little diamond pieces. They’re reminiscent of the new background design and gender neutral.

melissaesplin-ponoko-business-cards-4 I had a few extra pieces from assembly, I made earrings out of them. I dig. Wouldn’t these be fun in wood or metal?

What would you make out of these little acrylic shapes? Leave a comment below. I’ll pick a winner next monday and ship them out to you! 

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    1. Kristie says:

      Probably a Trumpet or a Soccer ball. It would be a fun memento for my family. My brother was killed in an accident last year. It would be fun to put them into a necklace for the younger kids to wear. Something they would have a hard time destroying.
      Love your business cards. They are so cute!

    2. Marissa says:

      i love the new cards! you are so creative – you truly are. but you already knew that. I love that you turned these into earrings. i would probably paint them somehow and use them as necklace pendants. they’re so pretty!

    3. Rian says:

      Your cards are fantastic. I’m guessing the one I got from you at Stephanie’s party was from last year’s stock. I mentioned you to my sister (truebias.com) and she knew exactly who are. Small world. I’m excited to start following your blog.

    4. I loved getting your card at Alt.! It was one of my faves! I would love an arrow as one earring and a heart as the other!

    5. Kristin H says:

      I think they would look awesome hanging from a chandelier, in various sizes, but a necklace is probably more practical. I love the idea of stamping your own business cards – so worth the extra man power.

    6. Erin R. says:

      Lovely cards. I think that I would have to make some fun earrings too (or maybe a bracelet).

    7. Jessica Ellertson says:

      PrismaColor ink pads are usually quite brilliant. I used it to stamp on black cards all the time at the scrapbook store I worked at.

    8. They would look awesome as a beaded bracelet or as a necklace pendant.

    9. steph nelsen says:

      yes please!

    10. alicia says:

      your cards were perfect! the keychain was genius, esp at the grand america where they still use metal keys. and now mine’s on my keychain. love it!

    11. Denise Johnstone says:

      Hello from Australia, I just love the internet for connecting the world! I was searching for handmade business cards and I found yours linked on Pinterest. Suggestions for white ink…I have found Papertrey Ink White to be excellent and they have refill bottles and another idea is to use Staz On..it’s meant for non porous surfaces, but I am sure it would work on cardstock & is a heavy duty ink. Good luck with your endeavours :)

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