Easter Sunday Printable


I had an Easter candy box printable in the queue to finish up and publish for you, but I wasn’t really excited about it. Maybe I’ll scrap it or maybe I’ll save it for next year.

This year I’m switching it up – a religious art printable. It’s a simple message for any Christian-based church-goer.

It serves as a reminder for me to stop and think of the big picture. I tend to get caught up in minutia very easily. This will have a permanent home in the office where I tend to waste my time most on minutia.



So what kinds of plans do you have for this Easter? I’m busy working on Easter Sunday outfits, but I think I’ll just be doing candy and dollar store toys for the kids this year. Nothing too fancy.

I’m already going a bit nuts trying to get our easter outfits done. Not that Penelope really cares about that, or even is at all excited about her dress. She saw the blue fabric and told me immediately that blue is not her color. Hopefully she’ll change her tune when I show her the finished piece.

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    1. Katie says:

      Such a great message & beautifully presented, too. Thanks for sharing :)

    2. Jennifer says:

      This is beautiful, thank you.

    3. Kieran says:

      I love it! But I’m having some problems downloading it…is it just me?

    4. Heidi says:

      thanks so much for sharing! I adore your lettering style, and this is definitely something I will be hanging in my home for Easter!

    5. Angel Y. says:

      This looks great! What a wonderful printable for an amazing holiday. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the beautiful printable! P.S. I think it’s adorable that Penelope told you blue is not her color. :)

    7. Erin R. says:

      Love this. Thank you for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to print it.

    8. Kristie says:

      Wow. Thank you. I can’t wait to print it off and use it. Great message.
      I started the Easter outfits for my girls. Haven’t finished. I have been meaning to use up two suits I got to make into a little man suit. So far, not good. I have a couple of more days, right?

    9. Kristie says:

      I just tried to download and print this, but it just comes up with invalid image. Am I doing something wrong?

    10. Lindsay says:

      Thank you!

      Oh my gosh, I hadn’t even thought about my little girl’s easter outfit! I’m going to have to get busy on Saturday! :)

      Happy Easter to you and your family!

    11. Christen says:

      Thank you so much! As soon as I saw this, I printed it and displayed it in my favorite 5×7 frame, right next to my Easter flowers on my windowsill. Love this.

      Happy Easter to you and yours!

    12. Rachel says:

      Thank you, lovely lady, for the wonderful printable! I needed something like this to add to our entry table. I’m going to have to come back here tomorrow and download it (because if I turn the printer on right now the husband might get annoyed with me. It’s 1am and technically I’m not supposed to be on here. Shhh..)

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    14. Allison says:

      Thank you so much and Happy Easter!

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